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All of the KISS Albums Ranked

Kiss just may be one of the most iconic American rock bands of all time. They are known for their black and white stage makeup and their wild antics when performing live. Kiss was formed in January 1973 in New York City by co-frontman Gene Simmons (bass guitar) and Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar), and Ace Frehley on lead guitar and Peter Criss on drums.

I've ranked all of Kiss's Studio Albums one to twenty. There really aren't any bad kiss albums!

1. Hotter Than Hell

Released on October 22, 1974, Hotter Than Hell is Kiss's second studio album. It went certified gold on June 23, 1977, with over half a million copies shipped. It hit the Billboard 200 charts at No. 100, though that was done without a hit single.

2. Destroyer

On March 15, 1976, Kiss released their fourth studio album, Destroyer. It was the third Kiss album that reached the top 40 in the United States and the first to chart in New Zealand and Germany. It went certified gold on April 22, 1976, and platinum in November of the same year.

3. Music From "The Elder"

Released in 1981, this is the ninth studio album by Kiss. This album marked a change from their previous output, featuring concept and orchestral elements.

4. Hot in the Shade

The fifteenth studio album released by the band in 1989, this album features part of their non-makeup era and the ballad Forever, which reached #8 on the top 100 in April of 1990.

5. Crazy Nights

This is the fourteen studio album by the band, recorded from March 87 to June 87, and released September 18, 1987.

6. Unmasked

Released on May 20, 1980, this was the eighth studio album by Kiss. Alternate drummer Anton Fig played drums on the album instead of Peter Criss.

7. Dressed to Kill

On March 19, 1975, Kiss released their third studio album produced by Casablanca Records.

8. Lick It Up

Released in 1983, Lick It Up is the 11th studio album. It went certified gold on December 22, 1983.

9. Asylum

The thirteenth studio album by the band was released on September 16, 1985, continuing the sound of glam metal.

10. Animalize

This was the twelfth studio album by Kiss, released in 1984 by Mercury Records.

11. Rock and Roll Over

In 1976, Kiss released their fifth studio album, recorded at the Star Theatre in New York.

12. Love Gun

The band released Love Gun on June 30, 1977. It was certified platinum and was listed in the top five on the Billboard 200.

13. Revenge

In May 1992, Kiss released their 16th studio album. The album reached the Top 20 in several countries.

14. Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls was the band's seventeenth album released in 1997. This was the last album of the band's unmasking era.

15. Psycho Circus

Kiss produced their eighteenth studio album and was the first to feature the original members since Dynasty.

16. Sonic Boom

The nineteenth studio album was released on October 6, 2009, recorded at Conway Studios in Hollywood.

17. Monster

Monster was the twentieth studio album released on October 9, 2012. Monster was one of the last albums recorded by the band.

18. Kiss

Kiss was the debut album released by the band in February 1973. The entire process of recording took only three weeks!

19. Dynasty

The fourth album produced by Kiss was released in May of 1978. It was the first time that the original members of the band did not come together.

20. Creatures of the Night

Released in 1982, Creatures of the Night was the band's 10th album, dedicated to the memory of early Kiss supporter Neil Bogart.

Kiss has sold over 75 million records worldwide and is considered one of the most influential, best-selling bands of all time.

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