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Affordable Startup Ideas for
Aspiring Entrepreneurs

startup ideas

It’s a slightly unfortunate truth, but more often than not, it costs money to make money. If you’re planning to make money online as an entrepreneur, there’s a good chance the first challenges you’ll face are some tough decisions about just how much you’re willing to invest in getting yourself on the right track. If money is tight and you’re dead-set on a more costly path to financial stability, that challenge may be insurmountable.

Here are a few online entrepreneur ideas you might like to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

Multi-Level Marketing

Right out of the gate, let’s be clear that working for a multi-level marketing company like Beachbody or Amway is not for everyone. You need to be good at sales, and you’ll likely need to be the perfect combination of well-connected, extroverted, and just conformist enough to be willing to stick to a tried and tested formula.

If that describes you, there’s one thing a good MLM can give you that most other approaches can’t: a thoroughly road-tested business strategy.

You see, MLMs need you. Their profit and continued existence are contingent on your success. For this reason, any established MLM worth its salt will invest heavily in building materials, resources, and training methods that are forensically designed to give you the maximum chance of killing it as an MLM representative. And that stuff is often either free or heavily subsidized to create as few barriers as possible to you getting out there and making a sale.

The result? MLMs are frequently a highly-affordable business model to break into.

Sell Through Amazon

If you’ve spent even a little bit of time researching home entrepreneur options, you’ll likely have tripped over the term “drop-shipping.” It’s pretty much everywhere, and truth be told, despite being heavily saturated, this model still has a lot going for it.

Harnessing a third party to handle warehousing and shipment is a masterstroke because it surgically removes the most significant cost barrier to selling third-party merch: storing and shipping it.

So bolt that commerce high-ground onto the vast economies of scale offered by Amazon, and instantly you’re working with a highly affordable solution. The other big selling point of drop shipping through Amazon is that Amazon isn’t just a logistics behemoth; it’s also a marketing mega-Kraken that can place your promotional strategy on heavily lubricated, downward sloping rails.

Oh, and is it worth mentioning that Amazon has kind of a chokehold on online sales worldwide that no other platform can touch? Yeah, that.

Forex Anyone?

So, let’s mix things up a bit. Sales aren’t for everyone. And arguably, slick sales is the right choice for significantly fewer. Maybe you’re a colossal introvert? Perhaps you struggle to intuitively understand the cogs and levers that convince a potential customer to part with their money. This, the painful truth be told, is an astoundingly large crowd of people.

For those who prefer math to marketing, Forex may well be the droid you’re looking for.

Here’s the thing. Yep, to do Forex (AKA foreign exchange market speculation), you will inevitably have to lay down the coin. I mean, you’re buying and selling money here. You can’t go to the dentist without opening your mouth; you can’t bust into Forex without opening your wallet.

But that doesn’t mean Forex is out of your reach.

In fact, arguably, starting small is precisely the thing that most successful forex investors do. The key to making Forex work is knowledge, pure and simple. And gaining that knowledge isn’t about how much money you have to spend, it’s about how quickly and accurately you can understand the complex interplay of financial push and pull that makes the foreign exchange market tick.

A nifty short cut to assimilating that strategic data is iMarkets. This academy for forex knowledge is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to get yourself set up, and it’s well worth a look-see.

The Write Way

If you just said, “the write way, really? A pun? How gauche” well first up, words can hurt. But more importantly, you may just be one of those folks who are as at-home with words as an unusually contemplative nun to a, particularly dull cloister.

Writing for money isn’t an easy life. You’ll have to think a lot and there’ll be a horribly stressful day when you accidentally knock half a cup of coffee over your keyboard and cry. But there’s one thing that makes writing beautiful if you’re starting as a cash-strapped entrepreneur — it’s inexpensive.

You don’t need to subscribe to a specialized writer’s clinic with a secret handshake. Nor will you require a fancy, powerful computer. Hell, strictly speaking, you don’t even need trousers. To sing for your supper, just sign up to Fiverr or People Per Hour and get good at pitching for work.

startup ideas

Your first few jobs will suck. But if you’re any good, they’ll eventually get more fun and more lucrative. And best of all? You’ll have spent next to nothing to get there. Result!

Getting started as an entrepreneur always costs something. And perhaps the most significant cost everyone pursuing this path must pay is a steady outlay of passion. It’s impossible to earn money as a solo agent unless you pour yourself liberally over the task, like ranch dressing on tater tots. But weird condiment analogies aside, these ideas are an excellent place to begin your search if you don’t have much moolah to spend.

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