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9 Essential Advantages for Small Businesses
of Using Leading Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing

If you're looking to print an announcement for your break room to remind everyone to tidy up after themselves during the lunch hour, then your reliable inkjet printer will perform the task well.

However, if you truly desire to have an impact on the planet, an all-in-one office printer isn't able to match the materials produced by the local print shop with a professional large-format printer.

With this in mind, here are nine ways in which large format printers london can be beneficial for small-business owners.

The Main Advantages of Large Format Printers

  1. Wide Format Posters Look Amazing

A picture can be worth more than a thousand words, particularly when it's printed using the wide-format printer. What's more appealing to potential clients than bold, big images of your customers enjoying your product?

If your company has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, which you should be, you can even make use of real-life photos of your customers' actions shared by your followers.

  1. Customised Signs Help Your Company Make An Impact

A hand-painted, amateurish sign printing might possess a certain appeal however; you're not operating a stand selling lemonade. Print your signage in a large format with your local printer so your company is bound to be noticed. Large-format signage elevates your brand's image to a height that is impossible to replicate by yourself.

  1. Get The Word Out With Wide Format Vehicle Graphics

In the event that you and your team spend long hours travelling, you're missing out on a huge opportunity if you're using the company vehicles to promote your company.

Wide format signage companies can be utilised to produce striking vehicle graphics that stick in the mind of fellow commuters. If they're seeking your products, your company's name is the first name that is thought of.

  1. Utilise Wide Format To Make Life-Size Cutouts

Does your business have a mascot, or a persona that is recognizable in your television advertisements as well as online-based videos? What better way to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement in your store with an enormous cardboard cutout with the mascot or business owner? Large format printers can be capable of printing with such precision that customers are likely to be able to take a second look.

  1. Wide Formats Can Be Eco-Friendly

As a small-business proprietor, you are aware of how crucial it is to minimise the environmental impact of your business. Your customers are now demanding the same, and you likely are concerned about the environment on your own.

You'll be pleased to learn that, in contrast to other printing methods, hoarding signage is eco-friendly and makes use of UV curing inks and low-VOC inks.

  1. Wide Format Graphics In Your Retail Space

If you're looking to build an environment for retail that leaves an instant and lasting impression then you require a chic and professional appearance. Graphics that are large-scale can be a big help in tying your retail store together.

To get the most impact for the most impact, match your wall stickers to the colours of your logo, for additional points, make sure that the furnishings, carpets and fixtures that you use to greet customers are in harmony with or complement your brand's overall colour scheme.

  1. Printing Flags In Wide Format

It's likely that you use Old Glory on Veterans' Day and Independence Day, but there's no reason that your flagpole holder shouldn't be empty throughout the year.

Contact an area print store to order an emblem that displays your business's logo. The flag of your company will create a festive environment that will surely draw people to come in.

  1. Larger Than Life Murals

If your company has plenty of empty outdoor walls, you could utilise it to your advantage by making it into a large-format mural. It is important to ensure that the topic is appropriate to the needs of your company.

For instance, if you run an outdoor clothing shop, you could choose an expansive view of a sparkling lake, surrounded by evergreens. The transformation of a blank wall into an eye-catching piece of artwork is an effective method of making your company stand out from other businesses.

  1. Print On Anything Using Large Format Printing!

Wide-format hoarding boards today can print on virtually any surface, meaning you don't have to limit your imagination. From wood to ceramics and glass to metal, if you can think of it, your local print shop will likely print it. Your concept may sound bizarre however it's not a bad idea to ask whether it's possible to do. It could surprise you.

Wide Format Printing

Wide-Format Printing: Small Business's Secret Weapon

As you can observe, Wide format printers can bring your small business to life. Do you really need to stand out among the other businesses? Contact any local printing shop on how wide-format printing could provide your business with an edge.

There are numerous advantages for large format printing such as the ability to print on a variety of media including metal, hard vinyl, Plexiglas, and more using either semi-gloss or glossy ink. If you are able to access the vast array of options, you'll be able to really stand out.

Like many other things, large-format printers are available in various types like solvent, aqueous and UV. Each one is suitable for various situations.

Aqueous printers can produce high-resolution images and produce faster time. They make use of water-based inks and since they don't release toxic fumes, they don't require ventilation. They're relatively inexpensive. The kind of media or paper that is used in the printing process must have a special coating to ensure that ink can stick.

Solvent printers are ideal for outdoor printing since the ink used is strong and can stand up to elements outdoors, such as high temperatures and UV rays, which can trigger flood-producing storms. The ink is scratch-resistant and prints on non-coated, flexible vinyl surfaces. Solvent printers require a ventilation system.

UV printers offer the most flexible printing capabilities and print on a range of materials. They produce the most durable items. They employ resin and latex-based inks. However, there are water-based latex-based inks that are more beneficial to the environment. If you are using the water-based latex inks there is no need for ventilation.

The disadvantages of large format printing are more from a printing shop's perspective as printing shops may require more airflow and could have to take care of the project more than a regular project.


In simple terms simply put, large format printing refers to printing that is done with a machine that uses media that is greater than the standard desktop formats. For instance, the A3 format, 8.5''x11'', and others.

Large format printers could include printers that vary in physical dimensions from 12'' in width and up to three yards based on the desired usage or location and the design. The printers can open up a whole new universe of possibilities to projects that could be created and innovative designs. They could be an excellent addition for your workspace or office when utilised correctly.

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