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Why Pick a Green Diamond Ring?

Green Diamond Ring

Did you know that natural green diamonds are some of the rarest and most desirable diamonds in the world?

This is all down to their rare process of natural production, which produces their enticing brilliance, shine and shade. 

Despite their rarity, you can still obtain them from a reasonable price at any upmarket jeweller, including Astteria in their green diamond collection. 

Like this stunning 3.43 carat greyish green diamond, pictured above. 

Gifting a gorgeous green diamond ring stands as a testament to the depth of your love and affection for the recipient. 

You tell them that they too are precious, rare and irreplaceable, through a special gift sure to make a statement. 

Don’t believe me? Let’s go over why you should pick a green diamond ring for that proposal, anniversary or special gift. 

Green Diamond Ring

Making A Natural Green Diamond

Diamonds with a natural green hue develop that colour from being underground in contact with rocks, with minute amounts of radioactive uranium or thorium. 

When these materials decayed, they emitted radiation that penetrated these diamonds resulting in an outer layer of stunning green. 

Most natural green diamonds present their colour as more of a ‘skin’ on the exterior of the diamond. Diamonds with uniform green colour in the stone meanwhile, are exceptionally rare, and sell at auction for insane amounts of money. 

The most common cause for green diamonds is natural irradiation, but it can also be caused by structural defects in the diamond caused by hydrogen, nickel atoms or nitrogen. 

Natural Green diamonds are highly treasured, to the point that synthetically coloured green diamonds are often sold with a disclosure about their method of treatment. 

Green diamonds, due to this natural process and the rare intensity of their colour, have always been historically prized and treated as precious, luxurious gems. 

Green Diamond Ring

Green Diamonds In History

Two of the most famous diamonds to exist have been natural-colour green. These are the ‘Dresden Green’ diamond and the ‘Aurora Green’ diamond. 

Dresden Green 

A 41-Carat, pear-cut diamond with a uniform green colour, the ‘Dresden Green’ was likely rough mined and cut in Brazil, but there is a dispute that its origin could be in the Kollur mine of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

The earliest record of its existence was as early as 1772 in a London newspaper, where diamond experts marvelled over its dazzling uniform green colour. 

The ‘Dresden Green’ has always been legendary in the world of gemologists, maintaining a prized position in the Green Vaults in Dresden, Germany. 

The Aurora Green

Compared to the ‘Dresden Green’, the ‘Aurora Green’ is a relatively new discovery. Graded by the Gemological Institute of America in 2016, it was the largest vivid green diamond of a natural origin they had ever seen. 

In 2016, the 5.03 Carat diamond sold at auction for a whopping price of $16.2 million - the highest price ever paid for a green diamond at a public auction.

We imagine that this one just went to sit in a case...but imagine receiving that! It would be a gift beyond dreams.

Green Diamond Ring

Maybe you can't buy your beloved the Dresden or Aurora green. Such exceedingly rare gems with a uniform colour tend to cost a fortune.

But you can get them a gorgeous green diamond ring with its own appealing sparkle and shine, by clicking here.

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Written by Sadie, an E-Commerce, PPC, Digital Marketing, and 'I'll give anything a go once!' kind of guy. You'll find me still debating whether I should windsurf whilst mountain biking down your nearest big hill every weekend. 

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