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Top Reasons Why It Is a Sensible Idea to
Own More Than One Wedding Band


When it comes to a wedding band, most guys stop at just one even if they plan to wear it round-the-year. Not only can owning a single wedding ring become boring after some time but also one design may not go well with all your outfits or occasions. It is for this reason that an increasing number of men are opting for multiple wedding bands in their collection. Beyond suiting your style for different occasions, there are quite a few other good reasons to own several wedding rings. A quick look at some of the main ones:

Boost Your Style Quotient

The first and foremost benefit of having more than one wedding band is that you can wear them at the same time. If this strikes you as being unusual, take a look around, and you will discover that the young and cool crowd is increasingly adopting this trend. Even though you may not want to be seen as wanting to fit in, you will surely appreciate that by doing so you will be able to turn heads more and who wouldn’t want to do that? According to a BBC report, wedding bands should be tasteful, appropriate, and discreet. If you are wondering how to wear more than one ring, there are two ways of doing it. You can wear them on different fingers, or you can put them on your ring finger one after another. By combining the different colors, metals, sleeves, and inlays, you can turn your finger into the coolest conversation starter.

Better Coordination with Your Outfits

As a man with a refined sense of fashion, you will no doubt take great care in choosing your outfits for various occasions. Even if you may not realize it, wearing the same wedding band regardless of whether you are attending an office meeting or going to a party can seem odd. If you take the pain of matching your tie with your clothes, there is no reason why you should not do the same with your wedding ring, observes a jewelry designer at EpicWeddingBands. You can build up a collection of rings of different colors, materials, finishes, stones, engravings, etc. to suit different occasions and moods.

To Provide a Backup

If you are one of those who like to always have a plan B, you will appreciate the value of having more than one engagement ring. If you wear your ring daily, there can be a situation where it takes a hard knock and gets badly damaged or broken, you lose it after going on a swim or it has simply gone down the drain because you took it off to wash your hands. Whatever be the reason for you not to be able to wear your ring, it can be handy to have a substitute available.


As is evident, having more than one wedding band at your disposal is a great thing. Even though you may not have considered it before, multiple wedding bands give you matchless flexibility in enhancing your style, permits better coordination with your outfits, and provides a fail-safe mechanism against unexpected damage or loss of your ring.

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