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Why Do Some Men Look For Escorts
Instead of Dating Traditionally?

For the people who are not aware, one may find it weird that certain men, especially successful men look for escort girls instead of dating traditionally. However, there are often very legitimate reasons behind them doing this. For instance, in a fast paced and career conscious society like Singapore, where men grew up under an intense atmosphere both in academia and career, many successful men in SG find very little free time to be able to date in the traditional sense. This is case for many Singaporean men at least until they are in their mid-30s to late 30s. However, they still crave companionship from time to time, but are unable to commit to a long-term dating relationship at the current moment. As a result, they look for something which is no strings attached and that is why such men look for SG VIP Escort call girls in Singapore – who are escorts from one of Singapore’s most reputable escort agencies. They do this for the romantic girlfriend experience – which is a service rendered by top escort girls that makes the clients believe that she is their real girlfriend during throughout the length of time of the booking. Many high flying expats in Singapore also do this.

When it comes to escorts in Singapore, there is no strings attached. The interaction or relationship is entered with the pre-understanding that it is services rendered, and there is no commitment beyond each booking. Some people may think that escort services are actually highly similar to that of sugar baby or sugar relationships. While the nature of the meetings may be similar, the biggest difference lies in the commitment level. This is because most sugar relationships in Singapore or otherwise are only confirmed when there is an agreement for a weekly or monthly meeting for a fixed amount of cash, and this will continue on for a certain period of time. Additionally, some people can tend to get clingy over time, and this can cause the relationship to be less no strings attached than desired.

Some may argue that these men can still try to look to date in a traditional sense. However, we want to put ourselves in the shoes of these Singaporean men that are described above. They are usually investment bankers, top executives, bankers, lawyers or surgeons in Singapore, and they barely have anytime for themselves after their work daily. Additionally, because many of them work on the evenings and weekends as well, most of them simply want to rest instead of going out to try to pick up women. When you combine that with the stress of high costs of living in countries like Singapore, they do not have the mental bandwidth left to deal with the drama that can sometimes come with all dating relationships. Therefore, while they are still in their mid-30s, many of these guys in SG choose to meet social escorts as a way to meet girls, while keeping things no strings attached and main focus on their careers.

Now, do these men eventually date traditionally in future perhaps when they are in their 40s? Yes, some of them do, get married and have children too! However, some still choose to stay single forever.

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