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French Women - What Are They Like?

Women of France - combining elegance with the modern realities of life. How do these women maintain their style and independence, remain proud and attractive to all men? What is their zest, and what is their outlook on life? They are not like other women in Europe, but their desire to be happy and sense of duty unites them with women of different nationalities.

Family for the French woman - a dream or reality

Speaking of women in general and in particular, the themes of family and children immediately come to mind. French women fall into the category of beauties and fashionistas, and it would seem that the problems of female realization should not be. But there is a slight hitch - as in all of Europe, there is a strong feminization in France. The customs of this country are such that women here are strong in spirit and strive to earn money. In their relations with a man, they share the expenses and the responsibilities. The children are strict, and you can't say they are rude or indifferent.

No, but disciplined French women are very welcome. And their children are brought up well. Interestingly, most French women do not support the institution of marriage, pragmatically believing that it is outdated. The most popular family "hearth" in France is civil marriage, where both children are born, and houses are bought. Although, it makes you wonder whether the notorious autonomy of French women leads to so many divorces and unofficial marriages.

The relationship between two French women can be called secular - if they are friends. There is an exchange of news and compliments, superficial conversations, but the Frenchwoman will not dive into problems. They have psychologists for that - and here, you don't know if that's good or bad. The intimacy and depth of the relationship type in the Italian mentality do not resonate as well in France.

The average age of marriage for French women starts at 27, and the birth of children is often postponed until full self-realization when the house and car are bought. These women are practical in small things, let alone such a step as starting a family.

Self-fulfillment and career

But the French girls have their advantages, which women in other countries should borrow. It is their self-confidence and quite a high self-esteem. It has been said that French women often "overestimate themselves," but in fact, they demand reciprocal self-reliance. French women are most often diligent and competent in the field in which they work. Considering that it is challenging to work in France, they always work. At the same time, they bring up children and keep house. A Frenchwoman will never marry to torment herself in marriage, burdening herself with all the responsibilities. They will require a man to reciprocate, which is, in principle, authentic and entirely natural.

Very interesting and the attitude of these women to the career. They will not work for the idea or only because of the excellent attitude of the boss. Practical and rational, they know their rights very well, and one can hardly expect that these rights will be allowed to be impaired. In general, a confident, selfish attitude towards one's interests is significantly developed in France, also reflected in women. Being on a par with men, these ladies are pretty cold-blooded and can be calculated about marriage and career, which is more often than not what happens.

Fashion or practicality

And what is of such interest to women of almost any nationality is the notorious French fashion. The ascribed standards of feminine beauty and Parisian style differ significantly from today's real ones. But there is a similarity - the changing standards of beauty are perfectly expressed in the French daily fashion. French women are dressed - the casual style is the most common for regular women in a hurry to work or study. Here it is appropriate to say about jeans and sweaters, flat-soled shoes - everything that is functional and comfortable. Accessories are welcome - scarves and glasses, brooches, umbrellas, and exciting bags. But overdoing it here is not common - hair in a ponytail, a minimum of cosmetics, pastel colors in clothing.

There are, however, some quarters of Paris - incredibly fashionable, selected. The women here are a bit different, corresponding to fashion trends, but their way of life suggests creating such an image. For the average Frenchwoman - working hard, determined and independent - elegant attire and high heels will only create more difficulties.

But do not think that French women are some "aunts." Not at all. The simplicity of their attire is not a random choice or something profoundly lax. All the shades and clothing styles are chosen perfectly, and their appearance is neat and fresh. You should not buy just the beauty - you can't buy bread with it, the women of France said. And they are right.

The Dark Side of France

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At their core, these women are not stupid and do not build rose-colored castles. Most of them know their worth and therefore value their time. Their leisure time is their relatives and friends, which is highly valued in all social strata of France. Family ties are significant to them, and they often get together - relatives of all generations. Friends and pleasant companionship are poured into going to the movies and the gym together. But most of these women in their youth study a lot, and then work, so their friends - on interests.

That's how they are - the French women. No longer as romantic and not as dreamy as the fictitious heroine Amelie, but still as attractive, independent, and flawless.

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