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How to Choose the Best Wedding Live Band in Singapore?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning a traditional wedding. Along with choosing your meal and flower arrangements, choosing the appropriate music is the most crucial of all these decisions. Selecting a Wedding Live Band that is ideal for you and your demands can help you raise your celebrations with amazing music on your big day.

However difficult it may seem, organizing an event can be a lot of fun. Look no further than your traditional wedding songs if you want to provide your guests with the gift of songs they are familiar with and enjoy. 

Why not hire a wedding live band to perform all of your favorite songs for you during your traditional wedding if you want to make lifelong memories? They can review your playlist in advance to ensure that all songs are played for you and your guests in a polished and interesting manner. After all, when it comes to organizing a memorable day, live music is unrivaled!

With your big day quickly approaching, it's natural if you're feeling under pressure. However, don't worry, as the service you'll receive from Musical Touch is an effective and stress-free method to arrange a great wedding live band in Singapore. At a very reasonable price, we can arrange for one of our incredibly talented and experienced wedding bands to provide you and your wedding guests with hours of nonstop entertainment.

Finding the ideal wedding entertainment for your unique day can be challenging. There are many local and live bands eager to provide their talents in Singapore, numbering in the thousands. We ensure that your wedding is kept lively all night long with everything from cover bands to function bands.

The best thing about all of these bands is that they have a lot of experience performing at different weddings. We refer to them as wedding professionals because they are fully aware of what to do in every circumstance. On your big day, they will perform flawlessly because they are familiar with the best wedding tunes to play. We offer singers and bands that span a wide range of genres and generations. We have several possibilities for you if you wish to throw a great party in Singapore. We also have a wide selection of options if you like someone to play more vintage gold records. Simply said, there is music for every taste, allowing you to select the perfect wedding entertainment for your special day.


A Singapore wedding is beautiful since there are so many great locations to have your celebration. The century's most extravagant wedding can be held here.

Of course, the live wedding band is essential if you want to make a big impression and raise the roof. We collaborate with numerous local bands in Singapore that are excellent for weddings, as was already said. In addition to this, we provide a wide range of packages that are customized to meet your needs. Each band is available for as many hours as you like to hire.

With acts to fit every style, size, and price range, we represent the very best professional Singapore wedding live bands. 

You'll see that there is a wide selection of musical genres and that many cover bands provide something a little unique to make your wedding genuinely unique.

All of these bands offer sets for dancing as well as chill-out music if you need a background set, for instance at a cocktail party in the afternoon.

Your band will show up on the specified day at the scheduled time. They will set up and conduct a sound check incognito after consulting with the bridal party and venue staff. They will start the celebration off well and wow you and your guests when you're ready for them to perform.

2-Piece Band: The 2-piece band is one of the most significant bands available for weddings within the constrained and limited space available. The unique and constantly shifting gears of the playlist will surprise you and your friends. With such a small space, we want to maximize entertainment by bringing in amazing performers and artists. In a small group, this might be the best offer we have to make.

3 Piece Band: Musical Touch Singapore features an interesting three-piece band for your wedding day celebrations. They excel in a wide range of styles and genres and bring decades of expertise and extraordinary talent to each. Everyone will enjoy this trio. The dynamic audience-enlivening duets performed by our musical team are available to you for a reasonable fee and with a flexible schedule. In a larger gathering, there will be more opportunities for audience interaction.

4 Piece Band: During a wedding reception or other big event, a four-piece band is excellent for keeping guests entertained. They ensure that your guests are entertained by playing soothing, contemporary music with a hint of rock 'n' roll. There are more duet performances by singers and musicians of high caliber in such a lively setting.

5-7 Piece Band: This band is ideal for anyone looking for a stunning live wedding band that will get everyone up on the dance floor or just sit back and relaxes while listening to their classic versions. For those seeking a well-balanced mixture of musical styles, this group is perfect. They are one of the most competent and accomplished groups of performers.

Pop Orchestra: This group put on a high-energy performance of party classics, and their shared love of great pop from every era ensures that the dance floor will always be crowded. To enthrall and impress the audience with their on-stage performance, the band combines on-stage dancing techniques with a distinctive visual style.

String Quartets: String quartets are thought to make weddings in Singapore unique since they stand for closeness, passion, and joy. To better serve its patrons and clients, Musical Touch is happy to introduce the new string quartets band, which features both male and female musicians. The quartet, which is made up of four highly talented classical musicians, performs a variety of music, from well-known film soundtracks to modern pop songs and works for string quartets. There is also traditional music available for Jewish ceremonies to go with the romance of the ketubah and chuppah. For this outstanding band, each piece has a special musical setting composed only for it.

We have a wide range of extremely skilled function bands in Singapore that can blast your party with a variety of classic hits! You'll find the ideal band to fit your occasion, from pop, rock, and soul to current top hits.

The wedding live band Singapore will have a varied set list that includes music from both classic and modern eras, refuting the idea that a live band's song selection is constrained. As long as there are no additional fees involved, performers and musicians will also accommodate unique requests from the audience. Comparing the song catalogs of several bands is always a smart move. people today have limited patience for technical mistakes. Hiring a seasoned live band for a wedding in Singapore that is familiar with the location will help you avoid these issues. You can relax knowing that they have the required tools and expertise.

If you want to keep your celebration moving along and have your family and friends fully engaged, it's preferable to allow the wedding live band you hire to run the show rather than micromanaging everything the band performs. Although you may be aware of what you want, an established wedding live band Singapore is aware of what the general public wants when it comes to weddings. So you have a decision to make: you may choose every song yourself, resulting in a sparsely populated dance floor, or you can trust the experts and create a high-energy, spectacular celebration that will keep the dance floor filled and guests talking long after the reception is finished.

There is no denying that live music energizes and enthuses a space. Even after a song has been played a thousand times, musicians still use tiny variances when playing their instruments since they are living, breathing individuals. Each band also gives their songs their own unique flair and taste. Each song played at your wedding becomes distinctive when these elements are combined.

Musical touch Singapore offers wedding live bands that are composed of incredibly skilled musicians and artists that will add a touch of class and elegance to your ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner and will make your event genuinely unique.

Live bands for the wedding can adapt to spontaneous dance situations by expanding, shortening, reordering, vamping, transposing pitch, changing the pace, and modifying the lyrics of songs in real-time. Sometimes, these tools can genuinely rescue the day.

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