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Hitched in the Open! 5 Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Wedding Ceremony Outdoors

Looking to tie the knot but hate the idea of limiting your wedding ceremony to the confines of a boring church?

Not a problem—our world offers plenty of fantastic places to say "I do!" in nature. And because you're reading this, we're going to assume you're a bit of an outdoor lover.

Let's look at some incredible wedding ceremony ideas for outdoor lovers.

1. Vow Exchange in a Flower Garden

Vow exchange in a flower garden is a beautiful idea to include in their outdoor wedding packages. Not only do you get to take your vows surrounded by blooming flowers, but you can create an Arch or trellis with silk flowers to stand out among the natural beauty of a garden setting.

Using aisle runners to provide an easy path for the couple and wedding party, you can take your vows amongst a peppering of beautiful colors and aromatic scents that provide a magical and peaceful atmosphere.

2. Tree Planting Ceremony

For couples who love the outdoors and are eager to make an impact with their union, a tree planting ceremony is an excellent outdoor wedding ceremony idea! Host your wedding outdoors so you can plant a sapling or young fruit tree as a symbol of your life together. Include your guests as you and your beloved take turns packaging the soil and placing the tree into the ground.

Give the tree it's very first watering. Tie it off with a ribbon to signify your bond and dedication to the tree’s growth and health. Invite your guests to help and celebrate this idea of a growing, beautiful relationship.

3. Woodland Potluck

Start your ceremony with a reception with party games, drinks, and outdoor food. Make sure to provide various outdoor activities to ensure everyone is entertained. You can do an outdoor movie viewing or a scavenger hunt.

4. A Picnic

Have your reception outdoors and give it a chic, outdoorsy feel with picnic mats and boho rentals. Set up a self-service buffet with a variety of delicious food and beverages. Have plenty of seating areas such as benches, picnic tables, and blankets.

5. Lighted Walkway

Creating a lighted walkway for the wedding event is a unique and romantic idea for outdoor lovers. Lanterns, fairy lights, and pinwheels can create an attractive, eye-catching display that adds a touch of whimsy to your special day. Lighted pathways can be in various styles and designs, depending on the space and budget available.

An LED rope light along the walkway can also grab attention and completes the decor. Colorful paper lanterns and strings of warm bulb lights are excellent for creating a dreamy atmosphere that sets the mood for an evening of love and celebration.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Spice It Up!

An outdoor wedding is a creative way to add something unique and special to your wedding ceremony. With the proper seating and décor, you can craft a wedding memory you and your guests will never forget. Find the perfect outdoor spot to incorporate your wedding ceremony ideas and make it your own!

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