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Surify Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

Keep Your Wife Happy

Well, you finally made the leap from being in a relationship with the most wonderful girl in the world to getting married to her. But now that you are husband and wife, a lot will change. And honestly, things might get a little difficult. However, there will always be stuff that you can do to keep your wife happy. She did choose to be your partner for life you know.

Some important things to help you during this new phase are open communication, compromising a few things, and keeping the passion alive. We have a list of things that you can do to keep her happy and content. And as they say: a happy wife, a happy life. While it’s not going to be as easy as sending people good morning quotes, it isn’t going to be difficult either. Just keep doing the process right.

1. Be the best listener you can be

One of the keys to a long lasting marriage is good communication. In fact, it is the key to any relationship. It is that simple. You don’t need to perform some rocket science, climb over insurmountable odds or solve endless riddles to keep her happy. You don’t even need to have the solution every time she goes through a difficult phase in life. Just listen to her calmly, assure her that you are by her side, and engulf her in a bear hug afterwards.

2. Bear hugs and more bear hugs

Speaking of bear hugs, such intimate physical contact is also important in a relationship. Contrary to what your expectations may be, you and your wife won’t be turning it on every single night. Therefore, such hugs and cuddles will be what keep the flame alive. Hug her whenever you get the chance, whenever she is gloomy, whenever you are stressed.

3. Ease her load

We are in the 21st century now and men should be equally responsible for the chores around the house. Make sure you divide the chores equally and perform them well, keeping her tension free and happy.

4. Cook her favourite meals

Well, speaking of doing things around the house, you must definitely learn how to cook. If not a lot of dishes at least the dishes that she likes, the dishes that you know are capable of changing her mood instantly. Not only are these dishes a good way to make her feel appreciated, they are also life savers whenever she gets mad or angry at you.

5. Keep complimenting how well she looks

One of the biggest reasons for a marriage falling apart is that the wife and the husband start thinking they aren’t good enough for each other, or that the other person doesn’t look at them the same way they did before marriage. You should do your best to ensure your wife doesn’t suffer from these insecurities. All you have to do is compliment her whenever you feel like it, and sometimes even when you don’t. Keep making her feel that you want her just as much as you did before you both got married.

6. Keep her spoilt

While some may think that this is very superficial, we don’t think so. You should be willing to occasionally spend some money on your wife just to keep her happy, or make her even happier than she is. Keep reminding her she made the right choice and deserves the best of the best.

7. Don’t be rude to her

One of the most important things in marriages is respect: respect for each other. Make sure you remember this all the time. No matter how bad things get, try not to shout on her or be harsh. Be soft and gentle and treat her with the respect that made you marry her. As a bonus, you will be serving as a great role model for your son on how he should be when he grows up and to your daughter on how a good, non-toxic relationship should look like.

8. Do not hesitate to help her

Your wife may be a strong, independent modern woman, but no human is an island. She married you because she trusts you to be her support no matter what. Make sure you don’t prove her wrong. No matter what she does, what endeavours she tries to pursue, be there for her. A woman has to face a lot of resistance from the world as it is, the last thing she needs is to face resistance from her husband as well. Respect her choices and if you don’t agree with them, tell her patiently and have a good discussion about it. Whatever she decides after that should be the final word.

9. Introduce her to everyone you know in the best way possible

Women like to feel secure with their partners. They like knowing that their partner sees the best in them and make sure all of his friends, relatives and family sees the same too. Whenever you introduce her to any of your peer circles, be it friends, office colleagues, family, etc., make sure you compliment her well. There is nothing sexier for a woman than her husband hyping her up in front of the people he values.

10. Do the little things that matter

As you must have already learned in your relationship, it is not always about the big gestures, the grand parties that matter but the little moments, the moments of pure joy and happiness between the two of you that do. A marriage is no different in that regard. Keep giving her the occasional small gift, a handmade card, some chocolates, some flowers, her favourite junk food and more. Keep sending her love messages and reminding her how much you love her. Maintain both emotional and physical intimacy.

Marriage isn’t a competitive exam where you can have a one solution fits all scenario. It’s different for everyone. You just got to listen to the person who knows your wife best: you.

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