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9 Virtual Gifts You Should Give Out in the Holidays

holiday gifts

By Henry Mahone

The year 2020 has been a crazy one that’s full of surprises. Every month seems to have some jaw-dropping headline that reads out of a horror movie. But while 2020 has been full of wild events, there’s one thing that will first come to mind when you hear about this year: a global pandemic.

The spread of Covid-19 was an unprecedented event that dramatically changed everyone's life's as we know it. For months, the world seemed to stand still and hold its breath as it waited for a cure or for the virus to be eradicated. Unfortunately, this seems to still go on for months on end as the search for the cure intensified and thousands of people lost their lives to the terrible virus. With social distancing, our social lives are at a halt for the moment, each one waiting to see what will happen.

The year flew by as days of quarantine turned into months, and before we know it, the holiday season will be here. This will be certainly be one for the books as not everyone who usually gets together with their family for the festive season will be able to do it. But while you might not be able to see your family, you can still get them gifts for the holidays thanks to the power of the internet.

Today, we will go over 9 virtual gifts you should give out during the holidays:

1. Send A Gift Card

When in doubt, send a gift card! Gift cards are a favorite go-to gift for many. One good thing about gift cards is that the person receiving them can use their card to purchase whatever they like best. Gift cards are always a good present because even if you don’t know or you can't decide what the recipient likes best, you’re assured that they will love whatever gift they decide to buy.

One of the least exciting parts about the holiday season is having to exchange unwanted gifts or gifts that did not fit correctly. Buying your friends and family gift cards will save you time and money, and will also make sure everyone is satisfied with what they received. There are a few ways you can get gift cards, such as buying them in person at a store or purchasing them through a retailer online. You can even get Target gift cards for free.

2. Give The Gift Of Memories

Instead of buying your friends and family physical gifts, one of the newest and most popular things to give as presents are experiences. There are several businesses where you can log in online and buy “experience gifts” for your friends and family.

These businesses usually have two options, and you can gift any specific experience you want. These experiences can range from tours and art lessons to bungee jumping and sky diving.

Another option you have is to gift an experience gift card. This can be used at an “experience” business and can be cashed in for the experience of your choice. This gives the person receiving the gift a bit more control over what they get, and they can pick whatever experience they like best.

3. Gift A Subscription Box

If you’re not sure what to give this holiday season, paying for a year's worth of subscription boxes for someone else will be a gift that keeps on giving. Subscription box businesses are those dedicated to sending users a box full of goodies every month. Subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and can have many different things inside them.

Subscription boxes have a huge variety and you can find anything in them, from candy to colognes and perfumes, makeup, snacks, and many other items. When you purchase a year's worth of subscription boxes for a family or friend, they will receive on their doorstep a new box with gifts every month for an entire year.

A good option in regard to workers gifts during these testing times can be a COVID-19 care package. This can be something that can be highly useful for your employees. Try to add gift items that they will be able to use on a daily basis to help protect them from the virus. The threat of the pandemic has not yet subsided, and as a business you should be mindful of the fact that your employees and their families are safe at all times.

4. Send Your Family Members Gift Cards For Their Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

As soon as the lockdown was announced and quarantine was set into effect, liquor sales skyrocketed to unprecedented numbers. Sending your family members gift cards for their favorite alcoholic beverages is a great way to tell them you love them for the holidays.

Giving liquor as a gift is also the perfect way to get the party started. Many businesses began to offer delivery services of alcoholic beverages, including bottles and gift baskets, right at your doorstep. One benefit to gifting gift cards for a bottle of liquor or a gift basket filled with liquor bottles is you don’t have to worry about putting it together since your family members could have the freedom to choose which liquor to buy.

5. Gift Online Lessons

With quarantine in effect, it seems like everything can be moved and taken care of online. This global pandemic has resulted in a majority of people working, studying, and doing most everything from home. Millions of companies have had to shift from having all their employees on-site to having most or a majority of their staff working in their bedrooms or living rooms.

This is no different when it comes to schools or other educational establishments. Whether it be dancing, photography, programming, or art, the number of online classes you can find on the internet and send as a gift is near limitless. Giving your family members the gift of a new skill is one that’s hard to beat. Not only that, but this gift is something they can use for the rest of their lives.

6. Give Massage Gift Certificates

With the world going crazy the way it is today, everyone's stress levels seem to be through the roof! Too much stress can be a health issue and can lead to cognitive and heart problems. One way you can help your family reduce some of that stress is by gifting them a gift certificate to a massage or spa session.

There are plenty of websites that offer massage and spa sessions as gifts. What you do is you log in to the website and purchase a spa treatment or massage for a family member, then send it to your loved one through email. Most of these websites have thousands of options when it comes to massage parlors and spas, and these gifts can be cashed at numerous locations throughout the country. Giving your loved ones a well-deserved day off and a break from all the stress will be an unforgettable gift this holiday season.

7. Gift An Amazon Prime Membership

Online shopping has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Many people even prefer shopping online instead of going out somewhere physically because of how easy it is to do without having to leave the comfort of their own home. One of the biggest—if not the biggest—online retailer is Amazon, which is a popular site because it offers great customer service, and you can find just about anything that you need on there.

Giving an Amazon Prime membership as a gift can save your favorite online shopper hundreds of dollars when it comes to shipping. Not only that, but Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping with most of your orders, and Prime comes with other added benefits, one of which is Prime Video. This lets you stream many shows and movies for free from your computer, smartphone, or smart TV.

8. Buy Them An Audiobook

Books are an amazing gift! They can open up a whole new world for an individual and help them learn things they didn’t know before. A good book can teach you new skills, and can also be a temporary escape from reality. Reading books is also great for your mental health and can help your brain stay active, as well as help children's brains develop better.

Gifting a book will also help an individual learn new language skills and develop their vocabulary further. Nowadays, books are beginning to shift toward audiobooks thanks in large part to the influence of technology in our loves. Audiobooks are the digital equivalent to books, are stored in your smartphone or other smart device, and can be brought and listened to anywhere.

9. Send Them A DNA Kit Through A Website

DNA kits are also becoming increasingly popular as gifts. There are several websites and companies that offer DNA kits, but they are all used for similar things, such as looking into your family history and ancestry. All you have to do is go to a website that offers DNA kits and have them sent to your family member. From there, they can give the lab a sample of their DNA, usually in the form of saliva. The lab will then send back results pertaining to the family’s history. Aside from being a unique holiday gift, DNA kits are a good way to rediscover your roots and further study your family's heritage.

holiday gifts


This year has been one of the craziest years we’ve experienced. We’ve dealt with a global pandemic, wildfires, and invasive species of killer wasps, among other things. Although this year has been very different from most others, it shouldn’t be a reason for us to stop celebrating the holidays. Although your entire family will probably not be able to get together for the season, there are several other ways you can make sure they still receive your gifts.

Henry Mahone

About the author:

Henry Mahone is a successful blogger who has been publishing high-quality articles for more than 15 years now. Henry’s blog is regularly updated with articles on lifestyle and relationships.

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