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Useful Infographics to Support the LGBTQ Community

The LGBQTQ community has a long history of discrimination and violence. In recent years, however, there has been a growing acceptance of this community. While there is still much work to be done for this minority group of people who identify as queer or transgender wishing they could just fit into society like everyone else does without any hint that something different might exist about them at all; we can take solace knowing more individuals are beginning accept these changers than ever before- even if its small gestures mean everything!

LGBTQ rights are human rights, and as such, everyone should be working to support the LGBTQ community. One way to do this is by learning more about the community and what you can do to help. Luckily, there are a number of ways to help them and one way is to create infographics that can make learning about the LGBTQ community easier. There are plenty of infographic templates you can use and here are some topics to start on.

Infographic Samples and Useful Topics about the LGBTQ COmmunity

The History of LGBTQ Rights

An infographic to tell the history of LGBTQ rights inAmerica, from the Stonewall Riots to marriage equality.

Support the LGBTQ Community


What is LGBTQ?

An infographic that explains what the acronym LGBTQ stands for, and provides some examples of people who identify as queer or transgender.

The Stigma Against LGBTQ People

An infographic that discusses the various stigmas that are often associated with the LGBTQ community, such as being diseased or sinful.

How to be an Ally to the LGBTQ Community

This infographic would discuss ways that people can be allies to the LGBTQ community, such as by standing up against discrimination and violence.

Support the LGBTQ Community


The Fight for Equality in the Workplace

This infographic could focus on how the LGBTQ community is fighting for equality in the workplace, including topics like equal pay and protection from discrimination.

Tips for Supporting Your LGBTQ Friends and Family

A guide infographic with tips for supporting your LGBTQ friends and family, such as by using the correct pronouns and not outing them to others.

How to Celebrate Pride Month

A guide infographic on how to celebrate pride month, including ideas for events, parades, and more.

Support the LGBTQ Community


The Importance of Transgender Visibility

This infographic would discuss the importance of transgender visibility, including topics like the high rates of suicide among transgender individuals.

Why We Need LGBTQ-Inclusive Education

This infographic would discuss the need for LGBTQ-inclusive education in schools, including topics like how it can help reduce bullying and suicide rates.

Support the LGBTQ Community


The Negative Effects of Homophobia and Transphobia

An infographic that discusses the negative effects of homophobia and transphobia, such as violence and mental health issues.

How to Respond to Anti-LGBTQ Comments

A guide infographic on how to respond to anti-LGBTQ comments, such as by using facts and logic to argue against them.

What You Can Do to Help the LGBTQ Community

A list of things that people can do to help the LGBTQ community, such as donating money or volunteering time.

The impact of the LGBTQ community on the economy

A look at how the LGBTQ community contributes to the economy, from buying power to entrepreneurship.

What people think about LGBTQ rights

An infographic exploring public opinion on LGBTQ rights, from support for same-sex marriage to transgender rights.

Coming Out Stories

A collection of coming out stories from members of the LGBTQ community, exploring what it was like to come out and how it has affected their lives.

Support the LGBTQ Community


FAQs about being LGBTQ+

A guide to some of the most common questions about being LGBTQ+, from sex and relationships to gender identity.

The Fight for Transgender Rights

An infographic exploring the fight for transgender rights, from legal battles to the impact of transgender visibility.

Queer-friendly Businesses

A guide to queer-friendly businesses, from businesses that are pro-LGBTQ+ to those with inclusive policies.

How to support the LGBTQ Community in your Own Way

Tips for supporting the LGBTQ community, whether you’re an ally or member of the community yourself.

Support the LGBTQ Community


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