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Top 5 Unusual Weddings That Are Going to
Bring a Smile on Your Face

Unusual Weddings

Interfaith weddings might have brought a big backlash for marriages in the twenty-first century. But the reality of today’s world lies in liberalism and equality of one's mind and education. Simple stories that might bring the best stories. Wedding decoration is simply a part of the wedding, but more than the usual times these traditions have proven themselves to be the star of social media.

While decorations in themselves can be important, you also need to look at the different food cultures, which are symbolic and representative of inter-faith weddings. Find a catering company that has a good understanding of different local cultures and can create a menu, which appeals to both sides of the families. This will ensure that there is a certain amount of respect, which is maintained for the culture and will result in the celebration of distinct identities.

1. The rainbow wedding theme

By rainbow wedding, we basically mean to call the beautiful change of LGBTQ community. With the budding change of our community. The World has become a better place for marriages beyond the barrier of gender and other atrocities. The wedding decoration for these weddings mainly consists of plenty of balloons and colourful things. Did you think that too isn't it? Well know, it's not a pride parade so let's normalise their weddings with normal couples too.

Like, weddings that have mundane decorations celebrating the love of a couple. Who were brave enough to disguise their relationship with each other's space! Whether its a pretty Gay marriage, or a Queer wedding is supposed to be in concern. The wedding decoration depends entirely upon the couple if they desire to have the good old traditional Indian wedding or even a rainbow concept of wedding decoration.

2. Inter-community weddings

By inter-community weddings I mean the ones who were braver than our imagination to love someone outside their community. No no not only beyond the concept of religion but also the barrier of society. Like, a wedding associated between a Marwari and a Bengal family. They might belong to a similar religion but the communal differences are havoc. Wedding decoration in this sort of weddings is usually well-combined.

Like the bong tradition of red and white, with the beautiful floral variation of the Marwari wedding. Same goes with other communities like Punjabi, Marathi, or even South Indian communities. Same goes with specialities of wedding decoration in all other Indian communities who derive to have a mixed community wedding planner function that has no fixed tradition to follow in marriages.

3. Inter-religion weddings

Inter- religion is basically which is something no one could imagine in the twentieth century and before. But today like wedding decoration things are changing day by day. Now, they don't fear falling in love with someone else just because he or she is from a different religion. Suppose, it is a wedding between a Muslim woman and a Hindu man they will have both the traditions with the allowance of the special marriage Act under the Indian Penal court.

Yes, the Indian legacy has this act that allows weddings between two religions that has no problem of changing religion or any other thing. Here the families can simply imply the wedding decoration according to the simplicity of both the communities. The best part of these weddings is the beautiful combination of culture, and changing food preferences. The lovely Biriyani with some Halwa?

4. Intra-community weddings

Today everything is unusual to the rules being turned up by the society in the Vedic or the early Vedic age. but few things remain constant just like the good old arrange marriages in India. These wedding decorations are subtle and beautiful just like grandma's old Stories about the king and queen.

5. Inter-State Destination weddings

Many times this has happened that some king or queen has set up a wedding with other alliances that belong to a completely different state! But wedding decoration remains the same even after it is between two different states. The biggest problem with this wedding is they happen in some other place. Undoubtedly, a destination wedding is really beautiful to have but the problem is that any occasion organised in another place is difficult.

But, with the help of a professional wedding planner one van easily have it at the best. Everything can be taken care of, for example, the simplest portion of wedding decoration or catering service. Lots of enjoyment, partying and lots of lots of ethnic rituals which is a leading part of Indian wedding decorations.

Traditional Indian wedding decoration is usually really simple, but this new weddings things are really changing in this decade. Ever since the Indian Penal court allowed the ACT of 377, people got the opportunity of falling in love openly. Yes, similar to other Indian marriages, and wedding decoration as well.

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