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Ukrainian and Russian Dating.
Why Western Men Look for Slavic Girls?

Russian girl

Did you know that according to INS 80% of all marriages between American men and Russian women are successful. Some of marriage agencies report about 90%+.

Luckily in the 21st century international trips and online communication became quite easy and affordable. It gave a positive push for international relationships.

However, the interest is distributed disproportionately. For example, there is a strong trend when men from the USA and Europe look for women from the Eastern Europe (mostly Russia and Ukraine).

For example, here is the trend of people looking for a “Russian Dating” online worldwide:

world trends

As you can see it’s pretty constant.

Now, let’s take a look at geographical separation.

world regions

Obviously, the biggest interest is in Ukraine and Russia themselves. But check out other countries. Such countries like the USA, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom, etc are looking for “russian dating” persistently.

So, let’s try to find out why Western men look for Slavic girls.


slavic girl

Slavic girls are extremely attractive. Eastern Europe has an absolutely rich gene pool. For example, historically Ukraine was conquered multiple times by different nations: Turkey from the South, Poland and Lithuania from the West, Mongol Tatars from the East, etc. Hence, Ukrainians carry strong genes from the West and the East.

Another example is Russia. It’s amazingly large country. In fact it’s the biggest in the world. It has plenty nationalities inside. Therefore, Russian women also carry a large gene pool.

The second important fact is that Slavic girls take care of their look. They want to look great all the time: on their job, at home, even when they simply go to a supermarket. They always make sure their hair and make up is fine, the clothes is ironed and clean.

That is why there is a thought that all Ukrainian and Russian women are beautiful.



Slavic families are more “traditional” than European or American ones. It’s clearly reflected in the character of women.

For example, most of Russian girls are patient and flexible. Sometimes they forgive too much to their men. They expect the man to be proactive and take up the running. It includes the relationships, family and making the most important decisions. However, don’t forget to ask for her point of view. She will be pleased if you consult with her.

One more important thing is her attitude to her appearance. We’ve mentioned before, that Slavic girls are keen to look great anywhere they go. So, if you have a Ukrainian girlfriend, be ready that she will spend some time at the mirror. Also, she will put on the best clothing when she goes to a friend, to a shop or to her job. Thus, don’t think she doesn’t love you and looks for someone else. Here is some more about dating and understanding Slavic girls.

Values and Priorities


Most of Slavic girls share traditional values. The most important for them is their family. Personal happiness or career is on the second or third place. A husband and children should be fed well. The house has to be clean and comfortable.

As it was briefly mentioned previously, Russian women are patient. They can accept some bad habits and flaws of their men. Personal happiness and comfort will not ruin relationships. Here are some precious tips how to get a Russian woman.

Online Dating


Now, the question is “where to find slavic girls?” The quickest and the most effective way to meet a girl from Ukraine or Russia is online dating sites. Of course, you can try to do it in social media or even buy a ticket and fly to the Eastern Europe. But it’s much better to start with the online dating, and here is why.

Free registration. Plenty of dating sites provide free registration and even some communication tools at no charge. Here is the list of the sites that are partially free.

Looking for the same. Women on the dating site are looking for the same. When you go to a bar or cafe, you don’t know whether the girl you noticed is single.

When you are on a dating site you are certain that women there are:

  1. Single.
  2. Look for relationship.

Price. We already know that there are free, partially free and premium online dating sites. It was calculated that average offline date costs around $60 - $70 (includes taxi, movie tickets, 2 meals in restaurant). And unfortunately the 1st date will not tell you a lot about the person. On the other hand even premium sites are cheaper and allow to communicate with several people at the same time.

Russian women are there. Russian girls frequently register on dating sites. The thing is that most of them dream to live abroad. Due to financial situation, climate, troubles with Russian men, they really want to find a guy from the USA or Europe. For example, did you know that domestic violence is not even a criminal violation? Yes, you got it right. If a man hits her woman, he will not go to jail.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, more and more men from the USA, Australia and Europe prefer Slavic women. We can clearly see this from the Google interests stats and from the American INS (institute of national statistics). Men find those little things that they are missing locally in girls from Ukraine and Russia. These things are: beautiful appearance, dedication to a family and flexible nature. What else modern men may need?

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