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Why Ukrainian and Russian Girls
Are Considered the Most Beautiful

It is no news or secret that Ukrainian and Russian girls are considered the most beautiful. Not only men in their own country like them, but also a large number of foreigners. This is the reason why men from other countries are so interested in Slavic girls and from time to time visit Ukraine dating site in search of their soulmate.

Often the attention of foreigners is drawn to the importance that Ukrainians and Russians attach to their appearance. It is often said by astonished foreign men that a Ukrainian woman is dressed in the daytime as if she were going to a fancy party. But in addition to external beauty, our representatives of the fair sex amaze foreigners with such qualities as:

  • neatness;
  • housekeeping;
  • good character;
  • refined manners.

These qualities are considered ideal for any woman, but in Ukrainian and Russian girls they are complemented by close to ideal body proportions, blue eyes, dark (or blond) hair, inner charisma, the ability to manage the household, to receive guests. But regardless of eye color, hair color, and figure features, each Ukrainian or Russian is a personality. And Ukraine dating site will help to make sure of that. Let's find out in more detail what the secret of beauty is.


This term is understood as the totality of all characteristics inherent in an individual - both external and internal (eye color, hair color, shape of nose, cheekbones, lips, type of character, height, and many others). Ukrainian and Russian girls differ in phenotype from the fair sex of other nationalities. They belong to the Slavic race, which is characterized by:

  • average height;
  • medium build;
  • fair skin;
  • light eyes (gray or blue);
  • hair of all shades of russet color.
Ukrainian and Russian Girls

But among the Slavic phenotype there are many brunettes with brown eyes and swarthy skin (it all depends on the region). The differences in appearance are due to such factors as genetic mixing with the peoples who live in the neighborhood, origin. 

Character Features

The characters of Russian and Ukrainian women are different, but despite this, they attract foreigners like a magnet.


These are women with a reserved, compliant and patient character. They can forgive their chosen one a lot, but if necessary, "they will stop a horse at a gallop and go into a burning house.

In the character of Russian girls more preserved in their early childhood indoctrinated norms of "housekeeping", because of this for many Russian women is considered quite natural to be in the family "in the second role.

Ukrainian Women

They have a more unruly, stubborn and freedom-loving character, due to the significant influence of the cult of the Goddess Mother. Ukrainian women are not inclined to turn a blind eye to male imperfections, and in heated disputes they defend their rights. Moreover, a Ukrainian woman will rarely allow herself to be victimized: she will actively defend herself. They have a "matriarchal" view of life.

But even with these differences in character, Ukrainians and Russians have a bright appearance, strong willed character, thanks to which they feel confident in themselves.


Despite the presence of a large number of caloric dishes in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, women know how to keep their figure petite. The reason for this is balance. For the consumption of caloric and fatty dishes is reserved for the winter period, when the human body needs energy. 

Spring and summer is the period of eating fruits and vegetables, which allows the body to be saturated with useful substances and get rid of extra calories. Many of the fair sex can also stick to diets to make the figure seductive and attractive, get rid of excess weight. But even with a few extra pounds, Slavic women remain attractive due to the proportionality of the figure.

Skin Care

Women in Ukraine and Russia carefully monitor the condition of their skin. Often they resort to the help of professional cosmetologists, visit beauty salons for various procedures that improve the skin and fight wrinkles.

In addition to salons, daily care at home is mandatory. Therefore, a significant part of the budget is spent on the purchase of cosmetics (face masks, various creams, tonics, lotions and other products).

Decorative cosmetics

Ukrainian and Russian women love makeup and know how to apply it. With the help of makeup women emphasize their natural beauty and add zest to their image. Many young ladies prefer natural cosmetics for face and body, which can significantly prolong their youth and attractiveness.

Often you can hear some critical remarks about the too bright makeup, but for the Ukrainians and Russians is not characterized by overly vulgar makeup. This is a distinctive feature, which in combination with good character, bright appearance and positive outlook on life, attracts foreign men.

Features of the figure

For women in Ukraine and Russia, the preference is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even if they do not have enough time, they find a few hours a week to exercise. This is enough time to maintain a good shape and figure.

Besides all of the above, Ukrainian and Russian girls are good mothers. They also understand fashion trends and dress, if simply, with taste. They are not only good lovers, but also friends and housewives.

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Ukrainian and Russian Girls
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