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Expressing Your Emotions, Your Way

By By Mark Tyrrell

It's strange that, in a highly publicly emotional age, so many people find it difficult to express emotion. We are surrounded by images of people being emotional. Every news item includes an excited journalist asking someone who's just come through some trauma or triumph, "How does it feel?" So why do so many people struggle with emotional expression? How can you learn to express emotion freely and appropriately?

Representations of emotion are confusing and misleading
There's a curious gap between the emotions displaid on TV and on public occasions and the private emotions of individuals. When you look at emotional expression in the media, whether it's the news or a drama or a sitcom, you could be forgiven for thinking that emotions are rather extreme things. Everybody seems to be going over the top! What have these melodramatics got to do with what you feel every day?

Are other people leading a more emotionally rich life than you?
Of course, you have to bear in mind that representations you commonly see in the media tend to focus on the unusual, the out of the ordinary. The 'ordinary', by definition, isn't 'news'. Nor is it 'drama'. Ordinary, everyday emotions, like ordinary, everyday life, rarely feature. This has the odd effect of creating the impression that 'other people' are leading much more dramatic and interesting lives than we are ourselves.

Learning the wrong lessons about emotional expression
And it creates the impression that other people are much better at expressing their emotions. And much more demonstrative overall. This can leave you feeling ill at ease about your own emotions, and even less likely to express what you feel. If, on top of that, your upbringing downplaid emotions, or taught you that certain emotions are 'bad', it is not surprising that emotional expression can seem like a minefield best avoided.

The high cost of not being able to express your emotions
But there is a high cost to emotional shutdown. You have to pretend, to yourself and others, that you don't feel things. Or that you feel something other than what you really feel. You can reach a stage where you are no longer sure what you really feel. Constant pretence and denial leads to a lack of authenticity - not being 'real'. It can feel as if nobody knows the real 'you'. That's very lonely. And it can make life very flat and dull.

What happens when you learn to express yourself more freely
Conversely, when you break out of these confines and rediscover how to feel what you feel and show what you feel in appropriate ways, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting! When you start to openly express positive emotions like joy, fascination, love, humor, enthusiasm, etc, you become instantly more appealing and attractive to other people.

It's not just about positive emotions, either. Everybody experiences negative emotions like anger or jealousy or boredom too. There is nothing 'bad' about these feelings, in themselves. They are just your response to certain situations. When you can handle them appropriately, and acknowledge them in constructive ways, your life becomes rounder, fuller, more mature. Your self-respect and self-understanding grow.

But where do you start?

Using your unconscious mind to acquire emotional freedom
Express your emotions is an audio hypnosis session which utilizes the innate capacities of your unconscious mind to bring about beneficial changes in your life. It will take you into a profound state of relaxation - the state in which we learn best - and help you begin to explore your real potential for emotional expression.

The powerful hypnotic suggestions you will hear in Express your emotions will make it easy for you to absorb and integrate new patterns of behavior in ways which are appropriate to your specific situation. You will find that you feel more and more at ease with yourself - and therefore relaxed about expressing what you feel when it's right to do so.

Download Express Your Emotions and discover a whole new world of feeling.

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