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Dissecting the Mind and Traits of an
Alpha Male in 2020

Alpha male

You have been called an alpha male before, or at least you see yourself as one.

In the world of today, what exactly does that mean?

Sometimes, being called an alpha male is a positive thing, but other times, it can be seen as an insult.

When people compliment a dominant, confident man, they usually label him as an alpha in a positive light.

When people do not understand what real alpha males are—versus the pretender tough guys and those posing as alpha material—being labeled an alpha is meant as a slight.

Read on to learn what traits make up an alpha guy, and why being one is a good thing.

What Is an Alpha Male?

There are plenty of alpha male traits in your dominant man today: these include your body and mind, for starters. The following traits are what make alpha males who they are.


This is your why. Alpha males know what they want and why they want something.

It is not a superficial thing either.

Alpha males want something that drives them to focus on today, rather than tomorrow. They are men of the moment who are proactive about their lives and goals, rather than reactive and defensive.

They take a preemptive strike against those things which get in the way of their purpose. This could be any number of things, but usually starts with you—when you doubt yourself and your purpose.


Overcoming any obstacle that gets in the way of your purpose is key to being a dominant alpha male. This does not mean you attack everything head-on, but you put in the work before something ever even becomes an obstacle.

If you do not like something about yourself, change it.

Most of the time, those things that require the most effort are worth it. And they are usually part of your purpose too.

Are you feeling sluggish in the morning? Make yourself get up earlier. Use that extra time to do something great with your day.

Are you feeling overweight and out of shape? Go for a run, hit the gym, but do not make up excuses.

Do you wonder why your boss is eyeing the other guy in the office for a promotion? Put in the hours and approach your boss on why you know you deserve that promotion.

The effort you put towards yourself and your purpose drive you to be a real alpha male, not a pretender.


Alpha guys are full of drive.

You're probably wondering just how they have as much motivation and ambition as they do. If you put in the regular effort to find and achieve your purpose, then you already have the drive to get there.

If you do not have the level of drive as alpha males just, you have got to put in the effort. That means consistently approaching any obstacles, despite failure. It means remembering your purpose, your goals, despite failure.

It requires persistence, perseverance, and sheer willpower.

The dominance of self (fear, doubt, etc.) makes you an alpha male and fuels your drive.


How do you build your drive, remember your purpose, and maintain your effort?


What is discipline but the repeated, intentional triumphing of obstacles?

Time and again, discipline is what gets an alpha male through any tough times in life. If he's put in the effort to develop his discipline, he's also cultivated habits to make him the alpha guy he is.

He has remembered his purpose time and again, and used that to focus his efforts and work hard for the changes he wants. Alpha males drive themselves to be better because of the effort they put into their purpose by putting in the time, consistently and repeatedly, to build their discipline and habits.

Discipline is a cornerstone of being an alpha male.


If you are honest with yourself, you are on your way to being an alpha male. Honesty is critical to honoring your purpose as a man, especially when you move on to cultivating the necessary discipline through your effort and willpower.

Nothing takes the wind out of a man's sails quicker than a lie. The best lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves.

As an alpha guy, it is your job to hold yourself accountable so you do not lose sight of your purpose.

If you are honest with yourself about your obstacles and shortcomings, you will have the drive to put in the effort and develop your discipline, undiscouraged by the "fake news" of insecurity or self-doubt from the lies of faux bros who do not understand the integrity of an alpha male.

What Does an Alpha Male Do?

An alpha male acts. He takes action in every aspect of his life.

When it comes to problem-solving, he puts in the effort to solve the problem and avoid it in the future. For example, even if a dominant alpha male has trouble performing in the bedroom, he has no problem looking for a solution. He does not care about anything but the result: he and his partner having a great time and making sure everyone enjoys themselves.

An alpha male does not let things like low self-esteem get him down. Instead, he uses moments like the example above to laugh and to grow. He sees opportunities for what they are: a challenge to dominate, a problem to solve.

Are You Alpha Male Material?

Alpha males are not governed by fear; they face their problems head-on. You can do this too.

Using the time and effort you have put into solving your own problems, including turning to performance enhancement like Alpha Male Plus, you perform like an alpha guy.

Your performance goes past the bedroom, of course. Using the other traits of an alpha male (discipline, drive, and honesty) you can outperform other men by dominating anything life throws your way.

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