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The Couples Song

By Bob Tracey

Here in this generous moment of renewal and rediscovery, I offer to you, my love, this vision of our togetherness.

In the center of my universe, I Am, aware and alive, proudly bringing forth into the world my divine, masculine energy.

By my side, You Are, aware and alive, sweetly bringing forth into the world your divine, feminine energy.

Behold now a new We Are, the joining of the energies of our Source in this glorious new creation that is Us.

The dazzling joy and beauty of the combined energies of Us brings a light into the world that We have lit as one, and that We commit to preserving, above all of the other concerns of life.

We agree to be radically responsible for the events of our lives, banishing forever from the sacred space of Us, all blame. All and the everything of life enters our sacred space at our summons, and We are welcome.

We recognize in one another the sublime love of our Source, and agree to listen to one another with the purest presence of our selves. Perhaps no other of the simplest acts of love proclaims our devotion to one another better than listening.

And in those moments of perfect human imperfection, when a toxic memory from our past brings forth that which is not love, We agree to hold each other safe in the knowledge of who We truly are, and accept one another just as We are, secure in pure trust of the essential loving nature of our sacred selves.

Since We are both completely responsible for the creations of Us, there can never again be an accusation or a defense. All that is comes forth through our joint awareness, so accuse and defend are replaced by understanding and trust. We share the joys and sorrows of life together, as one.

We came into this life for the experience of Us, and through patience and perseverance, We have at last found one another. Let's allow every moment of our life together to be a joyous celebration of this most blessed of discoveries. We agree to always be grateful for the divine gift of our togetherness.

In our gratitude, We recognize our fortune in one another, and in the perfect light of Us, all who come into our lives become an opportunity for Us to shine. And while we welcome all, we never fail to protect the sacred space that is ours alone.

I am the singer, and the song.

While I was alone, I committed to the making of my life a song, one that only you could hear.

Now let Us come together and make of our life a dance.

As We laugh and twirl our way through life, let Us remember the easy path back to one another, should We ever become separated by pain or fear. That path is contained in the wisdom of this simple choice.

Whenever one of Us feels the need to be right, We choose to be kind instead.

The absolute joy of life is always present in our freedom to choose to love. From moment to moment this choice shimmers and dazzles before Us the magnificent bounty of creation.

We are alive, and We are aware, and We are free to choose.

And so I bring to you the greatest gift I can offer, and you honor me with the greatest gift I can ever receive.

I choose you, and you choose me.

We choose Us.

Bob Tracey is a 20 year resident of Las Vegas with a combined practice in real estate and mortgage finance, and a passion for the intricate idiosyncrasies of human relationships. An eternal, hopeful romantic with a clear vision of what can work between two people.
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