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Top 5 Wedding Trip Ideas

Wedding Trip

A wedding trip is a blissful time for lovers. And if you are not in love yet, but would like to find your love, the best dating app for christians can help you with this. So, the wedding troubles are over, and ahead of them loom together household, the lapping of characters and other difficulties of family life. Honeymoon gives an opportunity to catch your breath and gain strength, and where the newlyweds will go on their honeymoon depends on their desires and financial capabilities. We suggest the most interesting ideas for the happy couple!

Romance in Paris

If you do not know where to go on your honeymoon, but you dream of romance, go to Paris! This is the most romantic city on earth! Many travelers come here just to see the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the French capital. One evening be sure to climb the observation deck of the tower and enjoy a bird's eye view of the city.

Take a ride on a river streetcar or a ship on the Seine and be sure to order a romantic dinner. Enjoy fine French cuisine while admiring the promenade decorated with colorful lights. When you sail under the Marie Bridge, don't forget to kiss. There's a legend that a kiss in this spot guarantees lovers eternal love and fidelity until their last breath...

Stroll through the narrow streets of Montmartre, buy trinkets in souvenir stores as a memento of the trip, look in the "Moulin Rouge", visit the luxurious Palace of Versailles and visit the 20-meter long Wall of Love. It's all covered with romantic confessions in different languages of the world. Maybe you can write your own love story on it...

Paradise Solitude on Islands

There is nothing more beautiful during the honeymoon than to enjoy the rest in the company of each other away from civilization. Instead of crowded popular resorts in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, the Canaries and Bali, you can go to places that are still known only to a select few tourists. The 800-meter-long and 300-meter-wide Heron Island, off the coast of Australia, is a must-see. It is located on a coral reef, and if you go underwater, you will find yourself in a coral fairy tale. Green sea turtles lay eggs here and herons roam about. One of the local attractions - an underwater room with solid glass walls, where you can watch the life of sea creatures, see a whale, a dolphin or a shark. On Heron, you'll live in bungalows, swim in the azure ocean and lie on the white sand. Isn't that bliss?

However, you will experience similar feelings on the island of Belize in Central America, on the Brazilian island of Ilha Grande and on the island of Borokay in the Philippines.

Love in a Medieval Castle

Want to spend your honeymoon in a medieval castle and feel like a prince and princess? Then go to Europe - to Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy, where there are these wonderful architectural masterpieces. In Austria, for example, there is Schloss Durnstein Castle, towering above a picturesque valley on the banks of the Danube. It was built in the style of Renaissance architecture and resembles a fairy tale palace. It is now a premium hotel with swimming pools, spas, and golf courses.

If you believe the legend, in the German castle Sababurg, located in the Reinhardt Forest, dozed for a hundred years Sleeping Beauty. Now the castle has been turned into a romantic hotel, surrounded by tall ferns and century-old oaks, where newlyweds stay. Here you can immerse yourself in a fairy tale, see the characters of the Brothers Grimm and theatrical performances.

In Germany, visit Castle Hotel Colmberg and Liebenstein, where every room has a fireplace and four-poster beds. In Italy, stay at Castello di Casole, a Tuscan castle with carved furniture and marble baths.

Europe is full of romantic old places where lovers can enjoy their happiness and take their time…You too can find love on Eden Christian dating app, just look at this now.

Mysterious Italy

The best wedding trip for newlyweds can be a trip to Italy. This country has become a dream for many couples in love from all over the world. Especially beautiful hovering over the water Venice, combining 118 islands and 150 canals. You will take a gondola ride, feed the pigeons in Piazza San Marco, admire the graceful temples, beautiful sculptures and buildings, kiss on bridges and dream of returning to this paradise for lovers.

And who prevents you from repeating the "Roman Holiday" in the capital of Italy? You have no idea how romantic this city is, which is perfect for a honeymoon. There are extremely beautiful sunsets that can be watched from the terrace of the Altar of the Homeland, 80 meters above the city, and the scenery spreading out below takes your breath away.

The Milvio Bridge is visited by all lovers who come to Rome. Here they exchange declarations of love and vows of loyalty, and seal their feelings with locks on chains, the keys of which are thrown into the water...

Visit picturesque Tuscany with its amazing landscapes and vineyards and the resort town of Portofino, quiet and peaceful, where you can stroll through the narrow streets among colorful houses and bask in the warm sand..

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