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Top 10 Places for Dating in 2021

So, you've decided to meet a girl online! Today, this is not a problem at all: the main thing is to choose a reliable dating site to avoid unpleasant surprises and spending all your money on the site's services.

Choose one of the most trusted sites in rankings, SweetyDate, which thoroughly verifies users and offers the best terms of use.

And then, when it comes to the first date in real life, this is where the difficulties begin. For example, have you already decided where you will go? If not, then here are Top 10 places for dating for you to choose from!

Tea ceremony

This is one of the budget options for a beautiful date. By the way, a long time ago, this pleasure was available only to imperial families’ members.

During 1.5-2 hours of the ceremony, you both will be able to completely relax, learn what it is like to drink quality tea with no sugar, and, most importantly, you will quickly, easily, and naturally become closer to each other.

Rooftop picnic

If you know some open roofs in your city (anyway, ask the roofers) with a beautiful view, grab a bottle of champagne, two glasses and take the girl to admire the sunset and panoramic views of the city!

Head in the clouds

Up in a big balloon... Make her dreams come true, rise to the skies together and touch the clouds!

Under the stars

Dating under the stars is a timeless classic. And a new level of this classic is the first date in the planetarium, where you will be able to see thousands of stars, planets, and galaxies. It’s a great romantic option for a date if the weather is bad and you have almost zero balance on your debit card.

A trip together

Take the tour to nearby towns on a bus, or rent bicycles, catamaran, or boat. Make it a fun and breathtaking trip!

You will be able to take the initiative, proudly stand with a map in the middle of the field, pick up the oars, and find other ways to show yourself as a man!

Quest room

Such an event will help you get to know each other faster!

The game unites, allows you to assess your potential partner — how she thinks and reflects, how emotional and temperamental she is, is she capable of giving in or trying to dominate. As a result, you will learn much more about her than if you arrangeвd a date in a cafe or cinema.


This is a great way to break the ice. She won’t have a chance to sit with her legs crossed here: willy-nilly, the girl will have to open up and lose control over her acting!

And you will be able to see a lot of things: the degree of her emancipation, passion, lexicon, the ability to learn new things, flexibility and plasticity, etc.

Festival, concert, or celebration

Go to any mass event to have a real good time and fun!

It will be noisy, hot and crowded. It's always great to hug, kiss, and hang out in places like this. And, if the event takes place in another city, it would be quite logical to go to someone's home or hotel together when the party’s over.

Wine tasting

While the sommelier beautifully tells you how an ordinary bunch of grapes turns to wine with a complex bouquet and character, you both can sit, relax and enjoy the maximum result with minimal effort!

Karting club

This is a great idea for a date with a girl of "casual, extreme and adrenaline" style.

You can let her win. You will be able to show yourself a man next time, but for now, let her enjoy the victory, drive madly and have a date with such an extreme guy like you, who knows how to have fun!

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