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4 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship
During the Pandemic

 Spice Up Your Relationship

When the pandemic struck last March, the entire world stopped for a while. Classes were canceled, many stores were forced to close, there was no transportation available, and numerous things exceeded what everyone predicted.

Everyone was advised to stay at home and never go outside. It only means that there are no more weekend dates for lovers, cinemas are not available, resorts are closed, and there are several other issues that hold pairs away to spend time together.

But before this pandemic happened, few relationships might be in a state where both couples have a hard time to mingle together. For some reason, they might be very preoccupied with daily responsibilities that even Sundays that are so-called "family time" are still occupied for them. However, now that everyone is locked up at home, there's absolutely no reason for couples not to make time together.

Now, to add some spice to your relationship in this pandemic, below is the list of the four tips that will help you try new things as a couple while at home. New discoveries will allow you and your partner to enjoy while exploring.

Perform the Bicyclist Sex Position

You maybe wonder if getting a bicycle while performing this type of sex position is required. We all know that different types of sex experiments require props, but to clear things up, it only requires you and your partner, and using a bicycle is unnecessary. Upon doing this, the woman only needs to raise both legs as if riding a bike. Afterward, the male needs to ride over her to take the penis inside the woman's vagina.

Setup a Date at Home

It's about time to celebrate those missed moments of your relationship. It can be your weeksaries, monthsaries, and most especially your anniversaries, but it's not too late to re-celebrate these special moments with your partner while at home. Also, don't bother yourself from thinking about what you haven't done in the past. Instead, think of what you can do to celebrate these memorable occasions while you're at home.

Be resourceful and use everything that you have in your home as a setting of your date. To make it look very romantic, be creative by decorating lights or scattering a candle with a few petals of flowers. You can then set the mood by pulling out the good dishes and drinks when all is in place. Additionally, talk about your relationship, have an intimate conversation with your partner because you have a rare moment.

Try the Renowned Ice-Kiss

If you're up to an extreme and wild way of kissing, ice-kiss will take your love session with your partner to the next level. Using ice cubes as a filling while sandwiching your lips will send chills to your body. In doing so, you will hear the ice cubes inside your mouth bumping with your teeth, and this will add extra sexiness. Also, it will eventually melt down and blend with your saliva, and you should swallow everything.

Code Phrasing: "Netflix And Chill"

Suppose watching movies while chilling is one of your favorite habits as a couple, then 'Netflix and chill' is perfect for both of you. For those couples who were frustrated because the cinemas are still not open, this is an answered prayer. All you need to have is a laptop, internet connection, Netflix account, and foods to fill your tummies. Setup can be in a room with dim light, a tent in a loft, or anywhere else around your home.

In today's epoch, everybody is diving into what is new and trending. If you're still unfamiliar with this phrase, you should know that it’s basically teenage slang for “hooking up.” — a term used as a code word for some sensual activity. With this idea, movie nights with your partner will be extra exciting and fun.


Covid-19 can break relationships, and it will test your patience, love, bond, and everything that you've got as a couple. It's a season that is full of surprises and challenges, especially for those new couples. But, note that keeping the fire burning in your relationship is very necessary amidst this pandemic. Don't think of anything that could let your relationship down due to some things you can't do while in quarantine and limit you, instead take advantage of the situation.

Take this pandemic as a blessing in disguise that will allow you to spend more time with your partner. Both of you should be an experimental partner, try new things that you never imagine that you haven't done before, whether if it is in bed while having sex or simple things like cooking. We don't have any idea yet when this pandemic will end, but for the meantime just explore the things that you haven't tried before as a growing couple while at home.

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