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3 Tips for Surviving Divorce

Divorce is an upsetting time for all concerned. It is made easier by having a good support network. That is, family and friends and a good divorce lawyer. The law is something that is heavily involved in a divorce, so it pays to have someone on your side who is knowledgeable in making sure that fair settlements are reached, when one party or other is intent on unfairness in the name of spite. This article will provide some tips on surviving divorce for those who are struggling with it.

Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer experienced in such matters is the perfect person to co-ordinate divorce proceedings. They have the legal knowledge and a greater understanding of a divorce than those going through it because they have dealt with so many cases the same. Their guidance in addition to the legal support that they can offer is invaluable in making the whole painful process as painless as possible. To have everything structured and know that all the paperwork will be completed to legal requirements is a support on its own, and then to be able to talk through just what is going to happen, provides extra peace of mind. We feel much better when we are not faced with something unknown and unfamiliar, because we then start to see a positive outcome from a situation.


It is important to have enough sleep because nobody can think clearly and rationally without it. A lack of sleep has been proven to lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it lowers thinking and our problem-solving skills. It impacts on attention span, patience, and memory. So, you can see how a lack of it could diminish your chances in a divorce case. Your lack of patience might end up in arguments that are used against you, and a lack of memory of what happened could be seen by a court as a sign that you might have made things up, when in fact you are telling the truth. It is just that you cannot remember it in vivid detail because of a lack of sleep.


It really is good to talk and this can be anybody who will listen to you. In fact, it can be easier to talk to strangers. This is where counsellors come in. Not only do they exist for marriage guidance, but when it comes to marriages that have broken up. Although they cannot provide the specialist advice of a divorce lawyer, not even a lawyer with general legal experience can, a counsellor can be someone who will listen to you. By you talking, you are getting all the anger out of your system and putting everything into context by saying everything out loud. Saying something can often have it come out differently to how you thought it was in your mind. This is the reason why receptionists in difficult situations will sometimes use the technique where they ask difficult clients to repeat back to them what they have just unreasonably asked for, or rather demanded from them. It then helps the difficult client to recognise for themselves how unreasonable their initial request was. It is a good technique for lots of situations but demonstrates the power of thinking out loud.

In summary, divorce is survivable. It is a combination of having a good divorce lawyer, who will co-ordinate everything that is happening, as your life is seeming to fall apart, having enough sleep to be able to think well enough to defend yourself, and about recognising how powerful a tool saying things out loud can be.

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