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4 Tips For Your First Divorce Mediation Session

Going through a divorce? It's good to have some tips on how to go about your first mediation session.

But first, let's understand the process. Divorce mediation is a form of consultation where a couple seeks professional assistance, mostly through a divorce lawyer, to determine how they share part or all of their property, assets, and child custody.

The divorce process can be stressful for all parties involved, so you should seek divorce advice on how to go about it through mediation rather than litigation. Unlike litigation where the judge's decision is final, mediation strives to realize the delicate balance through compromise and shared decision making. The couple, through mediation, can reach a satisfactory consensus and in the process save time, money and avoid the complicated court frustration that comes with divorce cases.

Mediation Consensus

What mediation assures is that the decisions made will be yours and your partner's with minimal compromise. Both parties must agree to the mediation process before seeking divorce advice. The point here is to reduce friction in the already rough and turbulent times. Both parties must agree on mediation and not feel like they have been dragged into doing it if it is to work.

Be Ready to Compromise

Being prepared for the process is very important. Make sure that you approach the mediation sessions with an open mind and don't hold back. Present everything on the table and leave room to be flexible and, most importantly, be ready to compromise when called upon to do so.

Don't Point Fingers

Remember this is not a fight. You are in a session to find a balance and not a champion. In a divorce advice process, the mediator seeks to strike a final deal and the sooner you come to an agreement the faster this process will end. This means that you should put your differences aside and focus on mediation to ensure that it stays on course and ends well.

Put the Children First

Before you start, remember that your children come first. This means they should be the central focus of the entire process and that any major impact on their well-being should be avoided at all costs. As much as there are huge changes that are going to happen soon after the divorce, the parents should ensure to make the transition as smooth as possible for the kids. This can be achieved by understanding their routines and schedules.

Approaching divorce with preparedness is crucial to help you realize a successful mediation exercise. As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that you should be selfless and consider other people's needs to be as important as your own. It can take as long as months or even a year and more if the couple fails to agree on the divorce terms, so start this process with an open mind. With the right approach, this process can be less strenuous than a court process.

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