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How to Be a Supportive Sister When
Your Brother Needs You the Most

By Samon Rathi

Suffering from mental stress or anxiety is one of the toughest situations in someone’s life to deal with. It needs a lot of efforts and cares to come up from it. So, if you are in a situation where your brother needs you to support him in fighting from such kind of issues in his day-to-day life then never disappoint him. Always be there to support him anyway. To help you to give your best to be a supportive sister some of the advice given below. They will definitely guide you to prove yourself as the best sister and also help your brother in getting rid of his mental illness.

Always Be Available

Being available for your brother and ready to listen to him is one of the best ways to be an ideal and supportive sister. Your act will make him feel that you are always with him and can do anything for the sake of him. So, never make excuses when your brother needs your time and want to share or discuss something serious with you.

Send Surprises to Him

Special occasions like Raksha Bandhan, his birthday, etc. give you an opportunity to make your brother feel happy and special. So, do not miss the chance to fill his heart with happiness by sending gifts or Rakhi online to him. Receiving the gift full of love and affection will throw all his sadness and make him feel delighted.

Make Him Spend Time in The Lap of Nature

Spending more and more time with nature is a great therapy for mental illness like depression, anxiety, stress, etc. So, encourage your brother to spend time in between plants and greenery by sending a gift of love and care i.e. plants. Yes, gift him a plant on his special day. You can also send Rakhi and Plant on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan to make him understand the importance of greenery.

Take Him for Outing Regularly

Going outside on weekends and holidays will make everyone feel fresh and energised. So, use this formula to make your brother fight from his mental illness. Take him to any of his favourite places like a park, shopping mall, restaurant, etc. and let him enjoy the fullest. Doing this on a regular basis will surely surprise you with an excellent result.

Be His Mentor or Advisor

Everyone needs a mentor or advisor to whom they can share everything and receive a piece of good advice. Isn’t it? Well, be the best friend of your dear brother and try to understand all his feelings and emotions so that you can guide him the best. In his difficult situation, make him feel that you are always by his side. When he needs your advice, shower him with brilliant ideas.

Never Leave Him Alone

In the critical phase of life, your brother needs someone always present there for him physically and mentally. So, never leave him alone. Try to spend more time with him. Make him involve in doing exciting activities with you like playing indoor games, cooking new dishes in the kitchen, watering indoor garden plants, etc.

So, hope these tips will help you to handle such difficult situations and provide great support to your brother.

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