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Why Sugar Daddy Relationships Are on the Rise

A sugar daddy is someone who gives a younger and attractive woman some kind of reward in exchange for companionship. This can but doesn’t have to include sex. The recipient is called a sugar baby. There are also sugar mommies, but this is a far rarer phenomenon. Often, possession of wealth is not the only quality sugar babies look for on niche sites like Secret Benefits, which cater to the sugar dating community.

While searching for Mr. Right, they will – or at least should - have a careful look at how the man treats other people in his life after meeting and getting to know him. They will also look at whether he takes good care of his health. Over-indulgence in pleasures such as food or alcohol is frowned upon. However, one cannot argue that being rich IS a strong indicator of certain positive qualities and a strong factor of well-being. Let’s look into the reasons behind the surge of popularity of this dating niche.

Economic Difficulties

This is a pretty obvious reason. Even before the pandemic, high living costs were a problem for many young people. The concern is especially serious among university students, who are known to struggle financially in many developed countries. Sugar daddies can offer comfortable lifestyles as well as mentorship and reliable advice, which is very important because the right approach to finances can set someone on the road to prosperity.

According to a recent survey by Universities Australia Students Finance, more than half of university students in Australia were worried about their finances. A fifth skipped class to work.

The situation in Canada is no different, with Ottawa ranking as one of the most lucrative cities for sugar relationships in the world. The University of Ottawa has about 400 sugar babies with registrations on niche dating sites.


Experts maintain that sugaring is a grey area, both legally and socially. In every event, the law does not target sugar dating in any way. This places people on steady ground, from where they are able to build relationships and enjoy mutual affection.


Rich men are usually too busy to hang out in bars or clubs. They have companies to run and healthy pastimes, such as sports. They are usually smart about their health, eat well, and don’t have bad habits or engage in unhealthy, unconstructive behavior. Of course, there are exceptions, even among the wealthiest of men – Elon Musk has been criticized for working 70 hours a week and spending far too little time with his family.

Researchers have found that the best quality men, like CEOs and other top managers, usually use dating sites and services to find women of the same quality. There is no shortage of these. Another one is Seeking Arrangement. This premier platform reports that the average sugar baby is in her mid-20s, while the average sugar daddy is around 40 and makes $250,000 a year. Seeking Arrangement confirms that sugar dating is becoming more and more popular and that not all sugar daddies are looking for an intimate relationship. Likewise, many sugar babies hope for serious relationships going beyond tangible gain.

Mutual Respect and Benefits

Many sugar relationships aim for mutual respect on both sides. Statistics show that around 40% of these people never actually have sex. Moreover, there is frequently a genuine connection in cases where sexual relationships do exist. Generally, sugaring has acquired an undeserved reputation for being somehow aberrant. After all, there are different forms of attraction. Some like extroverted people. Others prefer a partner that’s introverted. Some are attracted to people who make a lot of money. Others look for equality in everything. Younger men and women can be attracted to people who are older than them because they value experience.

Final Thoughts

If a man is creating abundance for himself and the people around him and sharing his wealth with the people he loves, one can expect him to have positive qualities like wisdom, foresight, intelligence, creativity, generosity, and emotional stability. He can be expected to make a good, caring father and partner. He will not indulge in bad habits. It’s perfectly normal to seek someone like that.

One peculiarity of sugaring is that it puts a materialistic exchange in a romantic context. Other than that, it is simply an arrangement where people are looking for mutual benefits and pleasure, which can be true for any relationship. When stating your needs and expectations, being honest and upfront is the best policy.

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