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7 Stages of Grief During and After Divorce

Grief During and After Divorce

If you are going through divorce, we know it is painful. It is emotionally draining, the journey is stressful and complicated. Terminating a union with your partner is never easy, and if kids are involved then it is tough for both; the partners and the kids. Keeping this in mind everyone deals with it differently, a person, while they are dealing with it may look more calm and composed whereas, after the grant, they deal with great sorrow and hollowness. As per a research conducted by many psychologists, there are several stages of a divorce.

They also recommend you to take support from your friends and family while you are dealing with it.You can contact top family lawyers in Sydney to help you in the process, bring results in your favour and make it more amicable and hassle-free. This can be a difficult time for anyone, however; having a specialist family lawyer by your side can make things easier. This article explains the various stages of pain during a divorce and how thebest family lawyers Sydney can help reduce the discomfort.

Planning to file a divorce or going through one - Know these stages of pain

In Australia, divorce and separation are at a steady rate since the last two decades. This can be tough for some, however, the cultural norms tend to make things more complicated and challenging. The common outcomes of divorces bring more stress to the mutual parties, their concerned families and even health and mental issues. Here are the various stages of pain a couple live through while going through separation and divorce.

  • Shock: This is the emotion felt by those who were not expecting their partner to take this step; it often results in disbelief.
  • Denial: Those not expecting to receive such news are also likely to go through the denial stage where they refuse to cope with the loss.
  • Pain & sorrow: It is only after the initial shock wears off that one might feel hurt and pain. This is a crucial stage where it is necessary for one to confront their emotions rather than burying them. It is vital to deal with sorrow and not resort to alcohol or drugs; especially when one might also need to deal with many legal issues.
  • Loss of identity & fear: Being a couple also provides them a sense of identity that also affects how other people see you. All these changes after a divorce lead to loss of identity especially with men. It also tends to induce a sense of fear at the thought of losing a home, children, having to deal with financial problems and the overall relationship.
  • Anger & new rushed relationship: Anger is one of the most common reactions. It is also not uncommon for men or women to rush into a new relationship to deal with the grief.
  • Guilt: It is essential for one to deal with any guilt they might be feeling due to the break-in relationship in order to move on.
  • Depression & reflection: Time heals, hence after one has fully realized depression will set in. This can affect relationships with friends & relatives. This is also a time when one can reflect on what has transpired.
  • Acceptance: This is a stage when one finally accepts their life-changing event and begins to deal with it how they see fit. This may be by setting off on a long solo trip or engaging in any other activity of their interest.

How can family lawyers in Parramatta help reduce the discomfort?

Those going through a divorce or separation have the option of opting for mediation or litigation. At times, mediation organised by a good law firm can solve many issues. This can avoid a lengthy court battle which would be more emotionally draining. The family courts in Australia are well equipped to deal with such issues. Parramatta family lawyers in Sydney can help you finalise your divorce. This is a good way to start fresh and avoid falling into the mess of going through the process of stressful depression.

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