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5 Signs Your Marriage Can Still Be Saved

When your marriage is in a tough spot, you are most likely asking whether it can still be saved.

Getting married is an important decision. You agree to spend the rest of your life with the same person, sharing everything, including the good moments, the problems, the money and so on. With the first stages being so happy, it’s hard to imagine that everything could fall apart one day, but it happens to many couples. 

But before your relationship is on the brink of divorce, you may still want to do something to save it. How do you know when a marriage can still be saved, though? Here are five signs to look out for.

  • You Still Get Happy at Small Reminders of Your Partner

Do you look at that necklace he got you as a gift years ago and you start smiling? Is the smell of your spouse’s cologne still making you wish you could hug him tight the whole day? If little reminders of your spouse still make you happy, chances are that you could still do something to make sure your marriage doesn’t end. 

When things associated with your partner make you smile, it’s a good sign. It shows you that your brain still puts your spouse in the good category, not the bad one. If you take this into consideration, you can work on saving your marriage, even if that means making some compromises.

  • Your Core Values Didn’t Change

Back when you were just dating your partner and you weren’t married yet, you may have realized you wanted to spend your whole life with this person because you shared the same values. You had the same attitudes regarding children’s education, dealing with challenges, distributing household chores between spouses, and so on.

Look at where you are today in your marriage. Did your values change, or are they still the same? Think about it very well. If the values are the same for both of you, then your marriage may still have a chance to work.

  • You Both Admit to Being Imperfect in the Relationship

Let’s be honest – nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, smaller or larger ones. Therefore, your spouse can make certain mistakes, and so do you. 

But too many times, partners tend to blame their spouses for all the shortcomings in the relationship. They only look at the other’s faults and fail to do some self-reflection. Unfortunately, this is why many relationships fall apart after a while. 

It takes a mature person to admit they were wrong and understand how their own mistakes may have led to issues in the relationship. So, if both you and your spouse can ditch your pride and admit that you have been wrong at times, it’s a positive sign. It means you are willing to work on making this marriage work – and you may be successful in the process.

  • You’re Not Scared to Show How You Feel

Many people tend to show their vulnerability in front of those they trust. They don’t like sharing too much with people they do not love or those around which they feel unsafe. 

That being said, do you still talk to your spouse about how you feel? All of us want to be accepted for who we are, and we shouldn’t have to hide our true selves. If both you and your spouse still show your emotions and talk about your feelings, the relationship is still in a good spot. You can save the marriage.

  • Dates Are Still Part of Your Routine

A good sign that a marriage can be saved is that you still go on dates, even if you’ve been with each other for decades. You may have days when you are too tired after work and just jump into the shower and then go to bed without spending too much time together. However, going on dates when you have time show that you still love each other and act as husband and wife. 

The fact that you make time for each other is enough to tell that this relationship still has a chance. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to know whether your marriage can be saved, look out for these signs. It’s important to know when a relationship still works or not. 

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