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Jonah Engler - 13 Signs You Are
Enjoying a Healthy Relationship

A Healthy Relationship

If you have been in a romantic relationship or want to be in one, you want this to be a healthy one. But, do you even know what a healthy relationship means exactly? Well, it actually depends. Healthy relationships won’t look the same for all as people have multiple needs. The specific needs revolve around affection, sex, communication, space and so on.

So, the relationship that worked for you in your 20s might not be the same as in your 30s. Relationships that don’t align with more traditional definitions of a relationship can also be considered a healthy one. In short, “healthy relationship” is a broad term, as what makes a relationship happy depends on the needs of the people in it.

However, Jonah Engler focuses on top 13 signs, which clearly prove that you are in a healthy relationship. So, let’s get to focus on those points now.

  1. The open communication:

Partners in a healthy relationship will talk about things that their lives revolve around. Those can be anything from success, failure and anything in between. You must always feel comfortable talking about issues with one another. Right from trivial matters to serious mental issues, you should be able to communicate freely without any blockage.

  1. Trust is the key:

Trust always involves integrity and honesty. It means you won’t be keeping secrets from one another. Whenever you are apart, you don’t worry about pursuing other people. But, trust will always go beyond believing that they won’t lie or cheat to you.

It means that you feel safe and comfortable around your partner and know they won’t hurt you mentally, emotionally or physically.

  1. You as a separate person:

Healthy relationships are interdependent. It means you can always rely on one another for mutual support but should also have your unique identity. So, your relationship is balanced. You know you have their love and approval but the self-esteem doesn’t depend on them always. Even though you are there for one another, you don’t depend on each other to meet all your needs.

  1. Curiosity:

One major tip of being in a healthy relationship has to be curiosity but to a certain extent. It means you are interested in their goals, thoughts and daily life. You want to watch them grow into best self. You are not just fixated on whom they were previously as a person or who you think that might be.

  1. The time spent apart:

Most people in their healthy relationships prioritize spending their time together, even though the amount of time you spend will vary based on work, personal needs, living arrangements and other commitments.

But, you have to recognize the need for that personal space and time on your own. Maybe you spend the time relaxing solo, pursuing hobby or seeing family or friends. What you do, you don’t have to spend every single moment together.

  1. Lightheartedness:

It is vital to make time for spontaneity and fun whenever the mood is right. If you are able to joke together, then that’s a good sign. At some point, life challenges can affect t or both. It can temporarily change the relationship’s tone and make it quite hard to relate to one another in usual way. But, able to share the light moments will help reline, strengthen your relationship and more.

  1. The physical intimacy:

Intimacy mostly relate to sex, but not all the time. Relationship can still be healthy without it as long you both are on the same page. The primary aim is to get your needs met and that’s what physical intimacy is all about. Sometimes, it is about sex and other times it is just about a cuddle or a kiss on the forehead!

  1. The perfect teamwork:

According to Jonah Engler, a strong relationship can always be considered to be a team. So, you would be able to work together and support one another, even when you don’t see eye to eye on everything or have goals that are not quite the same.

  1. The conflict resolution:

No matter how healthy your relationship is, you will have occasional disagreements and can feel angry with one another. That is completely normal. What matters is how you are addressing the conflict and if you are able to talk about the differences honestly, politely and with respect.

  1. Able to speak our mind:

Relationships thrive when couples can express what’s in their minds freely without the fear of starting a fight. So, no topics will be off limit and you will both feel heard art at the same time.

  1. Making joint decisions all the time:

If you are able to make joint decisions about major things in life, that’s a sign that you are in a healthy relationship. Whether you are planning to change a job or just willing to open up a bank account, no matter whatever the situation might be, you should be able to make joint decisions.

  1. Treating one another with kindness:

Nothing feels stronger in a relationship than treating your partner with care, empathy, appreciation and consideration. If you find yourself showing respect to people you hardly know than showing the same to your partner, then it is time to take a step back and revisit the priorities and making a straight list!

  1. You let the things go:

Yes, it is time that sometimes your partner will annoy you. You will do the same as well. You might end up saying things you don’t mean. You will behave in an inconsiderate manner. The vital thing is how to deal with all these points. Even if you are getting disappointed in some things, try to make him understand that and let it go.

So, make sure to check out these points and focus on all the major steps in life to help you be in a healthy relationship. You will understand once you are in a healthy relationship. All you have to do is look for the ref flags. If you can’t find any, then it means you are in your safe haven.

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