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4 Signs That Depression is
Ruining Your Relationship

People often talk about feeling down after something that has affected them. This is a common phenomenon, triggered by problems at work, relationship, or health issues; any number of reasons. These mood swings tend to be temporary. Clinical depression is not short-term. This debilitating mental health condition may also widespread but it isn't something that can just be 'snapped out of.' How do you compare the former with the latter? Depression is often characterized by a loss of interest in enjoyable activities. Take the example of a single going onto a dating site and start browsing through profiles. A prospective partner might start discussing favorite movies. If you are going through the early stages of a depressive episode you might suddenly feel apathetic about this subject, and find it hard to consider a trip to the cinema. Here are four other telltale signs depression is spoiling your relationship.

Your appearance

Depression is a mental illness the sufferer may try to disguise, either by attempting to put on a brave face or simply losing the inclination to share these feelings. But one aspect that can't be ignored is its physical manifestation. If you are experiencing problems you will likely become less interested in the person in the mirror. Treating yourself to new clothes will become a thing of the past. Trips to the hairdresser will lapse. Your partner might well wonder when you last spent any time pampering yourself. Or when did you stop showering regularly?

The outside world shrinks

Depression can cause a distorted reality to descend. Where you were once an enthusiastic participant at your workplace or study center or looked forward to your favorite pastimes and hobbies, does the thought of even crossing the doorstep sometimes fill you with dread? Your partner might eventually get fed up with receiving ‘plus one’ invites to events they ending up attending on their own because you've invented yet another excuse. Relationships are all about sharing and pooling resources, but this bond will be eroded with the onset of this insidious condition.

Arguments flare everywhere

Another positive trait coursing through any healthy partnership is the ability to resolve conflict. Few relationships are so perfect that they coast along without any friction. It would be unnatural for a couple to agree about absolutely everything, and fallouts are good for the emotional health of a relationship because resolution always brings people closer together. But there is nothing natural about finding fault in everything your partner does. Depression will impose such a negative mindset that you might find yourself picking fights over the most inane topics. But every time you lose sight of objectivity and give in to these destructive notions, you'll be driving the wedge further between you.

What sex life?

One of the most obvious signs of all that depression is taking control of your life is what happens to the physical side of your relationship. Sex isn't the be-all and end-all of any partnership, but it can be an obvious indicator of the strength of what you have. When people are content with each other, their bond can be cemented by physicality. But constantly feigning a headache or losing any sort of sexual drive whatsoever are symptoms of a much deeper malaise. Sex may be private to a couple, but the sudden lack of it within a relationship is a key sign you might need to seek professional advice.

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