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Things You Should Know About
Serving Divorce Papers

Marriage brings blessing, but an unhealthy marriage brings nothing except burdens and sorrows. If your married life doesn’t work out properly, and you are looking for separation. However, before that, you should learn how to serve a divorce paper via the internet or any consultant.

You can manage it without attending into the court if your agreement matches with each other. Along with this, the official procedures will take 4 or 6 months long. Many people have come with a common query about serving divorce papers, and here you may find the desired answer you are looking for!

The General Procedures of Serving Divorce Papers

Firstly, the divorce petition starts through filing at the court. It seems simple, but complications come while serving the divorce paper because both husband and wife must agree on the arrangement regarding their children and properties.

If both sides remain okay with the agreement, the divorce process becomes easier and doesn’t need to go to the court. Regardless, this scene is quite uncommon; rather, each side has conflicting views in most of the cases, and that turns into a bargaining situation later.

There are mainly four steps in divorce. They are as follows:

  • Filing the Divorce Petition

In this stage, the petitioner fills up all the queries behind the divorce, such as the reason for divorce, children and property arrangement, payment of court, and submission of marriage certificate in the regional office of this field.

  • Acknowledging the Service

Secondly, the court serves the divorce petition copy to the spouse with their acknowledgment service form with a 7 days return condition. The form declares the confirmation regarding-

  • The spouse receiving divorce paper (serving the divorce papers)
  • Okay with the divorce reason and word distribution
  • Their approval on the petition

Furthermore, the court will not chase your spouse if they don’t return the AOS within 7 days. If the petitioner wants to deal with the formalities faster, he can send it to the respondent personally. Costing may vary in this case.

  • Decree Nisi

This stage confirms that you are eligible to obtain a divorce from the court’s point of view. Through this Decree Nisi, will be declared, and they will set a declaration date. After getting the pronouncement date, the petitioner can apply for his/ her final decree 1 and a half months later.

  • Application (for Decree Absolute)

This refers to the final decree, where the divorce will be legally finalized. This application process takes about two weeks to end up your marriage.

Serving The Divorce Paper

Divorce happens when nothing goes right between the couples. It sometimes seems messy for what couples don’t want to face each other, or locating them might difficult. From the acknowledgment of Service (AOS), you can understand the professional divorce papers serving. In the UK, the professional divorce processing server supports in many ways to the petitioners.

For instance, once the petition filed in and later on, the petitioner wants to change some agreement, the process server will assist him. Along with the professional entre also allows the responsibility of serving the divorce paper to the respondents. This process is considered as a powerful step to face any uncertain challenge.

Facts of Serving Divorce Papers through Professional Hands

The divorce paper can be served both personally and professionally. Many people nowadays prefer the second option for some facts such as:

  • Skip the Direct Contact

Divorce is a negative, emotional, and awkward step in human life. When couples cannot split up mutually, the professional hand becomes the strong assistance that avoids unnecessary contact. Eventually, it will free you up from anxiety and stress by not experiencing a spouse’s reaction.

  • Easier Tracing of Your Spouse

Divorce happens mainly for a gap which can be physical or psychological. When a couple split up for a long time and live in separate places (e.g., overseas) as well, the professional process server will help you to get the missing person. It will also shorten the searching time and also fasten your work regarding divorce.

  • Easy to Get Court Order

Sometimes, couples agree on the facts that are written in the petition, but in a real scenario, they might disagree in returning something or maintaining something. In this case, you can easily get a court order if you are handling your divorce process through a professional medium instead of fighting with each other.


  1. Do I have to pay more in case of multiple time paper serving to my spouse?

Yes, you have to pay further each time serving by the authorities. The payment varies based on the situation.

  1. Can I serve paper personally?

Yes, you can serve the paper personally.

  1. Can I change the agreements after the petition is served?

Before petition serving, it tends to be easier to change your agreements. But once the petition is served, it tends to be complicated but not impossible.

Have a New Start!

When your marriage life is unhappy, and that also impacts your surroundings, including you badly, divorce tends to be the only solution. In Canada, the tendency to have divorced is common and normal.

But when a glass is broken, you cannot fix it again; rather, it will hurt you more. And serving divorce papers have the same taste, so that people prefer to take the third person assistance. After all, everyone has the right to start up again and again.

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