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Send a Gift to Your Boyfriend: Six Tips You Need

Gift to Your Boyfriend

Looking for the perfect gift to show your boyfriend how much you love him? It can be tough to brainstorm a gift idea that is actually useful but will still capture his heart and make him happy—especially if your boyfriend is the type to only buy exactly what he needs when he needs it. The men in our lives deserve to be spoiled too, but most boys have never even been gifted flowers. There are plenty of categories to choose from when considering a gift for your boyfriend, whether he’s sporty, outdoorsy, a techie, or a foodie. Read on for some helpful tips if you want to send a gift that your boyfriend will truly appreciate.

1. Plot Twist: The Man Gets The Flowers

Yes, it’s true! This is the 21st century and flowers aren’t just for girls. Consider getting your boyfriend a more traditionally feminine gift like chocolate, flowers, or even a cuddly teddy bear. If you choose to get flowers for your boyfriend but don’t necessarily want to send a gift of a bright pink bouquet, you can always opt for more neutral-colored flowers or a bouquet with a mix of flowers and other greenery. A succulent bouquet is a creative twist on a classic. Similarly, you could give him a potted succulent or another potted green plant. These last longer than flower bouquets and will liven up his home or office space. And, if your boyfriend is a sports fan with a green thumb, check out these cool basketball and Nike Air Force shoe planters! If you do want to stick with flowers, white hydrangeas, peace lilies, and white orchids are great options that are more neutral and traditionally “masculine” than roses.

2. Get Him a Gift He’ll Actually Use

The gifts we appreciate the most are probably the ones we use the most. Novelty gifts that say “Happy Birthday” are cute, but what about gifting your boyfriend something that he can incorporate into his everyday routine? If your boyfriend craves coffee in the morning, gifting him a new coffee machine or artisan coffee beans from a unique location could be a good idea. If your boyfriend really values his home and living space, you might consider gifting him a desk accessory or fun gadget for around the house. A phone sanitizer or charging stand, Alexa, Roomba, or the Apple AirTag for attaching to his keys are all great and practical gift ideas.

3. Let Him Be Nerdy

You know your boyfriend better than anyone else, and that means you know about some of his nerdiest (and most adorable) interests. If your man is obsessed with sports, send a gift with his favorite sports team—maybe socks, a hat, or a sweatshirt. If you’re feeling generous, you could even hunt down tickets for a game with his favorite team. If your boyfriend is into a particular band, video game, anime, or movie franchise like Marvel or Star Wars, you could gift him a collectible piece of merchandise or even customize a hat, sweatshirt, or poster of a favorite character or song lyric. Better yet, make it a themed gift and present it to him on the big day of a movie premiere, concert, or video game release. The art that we consume defines us, and your boyfriend will be grateful that you recognized how important it is to him.

4. Make It a Date

The best gifts are the ones that involve you and your boyfriend spending time together. If you want a twist on the traditional romantic dinner, you might consider trying something brand new together, like making pottery, horseback riding, hiking, or even skydiving. If you both have a thirst for knowledge, you could take a class online or in-person—maybe photography, illustration, writing, animation, or a new language.

5. Help Him Keep Up With Tech Trends

If your boyfriend is a tech nerd, he might already have all the latest gadgets. Even if his phone, computer, headphones, video game console, smartwatch, and speakers are already impressive, he’s likely to appreciate a high-tech gift. If there’s something specific he’s been saving for or talking about nonstop, you can contribute to his tech fund, and if you’re really not sure what to get him tech-wise, you can always ask what’s on his list. You can opt for tech accessories too—like a computer stand, portable charger, or portable speaker. A case for his phone, computer, or AirPods—maybe even a personalized one with a picture of the two of you or his initials—would be cute too.

6. Gift Him Something To Cook (And Snack On)

If your boyfriend has the cooking talents of a culinary artist or prefers savory and spicy flavors to sweets, why not send a gift that includes olive oils, spices, or even a do-it-yourself recipe kit? A bottle of wine or whiskey would pair nicely with this too, and to make it a complete set, you could include new cooking utensils and cutlery. It always helps to make your gift a complete set themed around one of your boyfriend’s favorite hobbies or interests—this way, the surprises are varied and endless.

As long as you make use of these tips and give your gift a creative and personal flair to make it memorable, your boyfriend is sure to appreciate the effort and care that you put into choosing the perfect gift just for him.

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