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35 Best Things to Say to Your Girlfriend
to Make Her Feel Special

A lot of shy guys are worried about talking to attractive female strangers. Men have to show their best side to catch the attention of the opposite sex. Going over the situation in their heads, young males can get so nervous that they can ruin everything once they text or come to a girl. Fortunately, this stage is temporary, and our tips will help you skip over it. Let’s consider dozens of quotes for a girlfriend to make her feel special!

What to Say to Your Beloved One

Women love compliments as they help them feel loved. Still, learning to say touching words is not easy as not all of them work the same way. Sometimes, the most pleasant phrases will look empty if they are told at the wrong time. Even if you talk to girls online, don't neglect to say a couple of tender phrases to your sweetheart.

To praise a girlfriend to make her feel special, you need to notice the less obvious areas, rather than saying clichés. Read on to find out what compliments to say.

  • Compliments About Her Beauty
    No matter how old women are, they like to listen to people flattering their looks. Mentioning how beautiful her eyes are or what a charming smile she has may get her in a good mood and make her think she is special.
  • Nice Messages
    In times past, men dedicated love stories and poems to the ladies they liked. Suppose you can't send your admiration to her in verse form; you may text for gf to make her feel special to show your genuine feelings. Just let it be a text message written by you, not copied from the Internet. Having got a few lines written by you, a lady will be pleased and appreciate your literary skill.
  • About Women's Skills
    Females are so used to being complimented on their looks that they are sometimes surprised to hear praise or admiration for their abilities. You may show that you appreciate your partner for her skills.
  • About Femininity
    You can make unusual and beautiful words if you think about a woman's kindness, her ability to present herself, and tasteful choice of appropriate outfit. Mention her gait, gracefulness, concern for others, and feminine qualities.

15 Gentle Quotes for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

Words are the best way to express your love, appreciation, and admiration for your beloved one. If you're eager to succeed in this art, your compliments must match the lady's qualities. Have a look at some example phrases for your girlfriend to make her feel special.

  1. You are the most wonderful girl I have ever met. Don't be cruel; help me find a path to your heart.
  2. You are the epitome of tenderness, kindness, and charm. So I no longer have to look for my ideal. I have found it, and it is you!
  3. You break all scientific laws. An evening without you stretches slowly, but when you're near — it flies away in one moment!
  4. You and I are two opposites, like Yin and Yang, black and white, different magnetic poles. Maybe that's why I am so attracted to you.
  5. Most men like the Olympics because they are held once every four years, but to meet a girl with these eyes happens only once in a lifetime.
  6. Only with you can I be honest and without pretence.
  7. You have such alluringly beautiful hair. I want to touch it as soon as I see you.
  8. Your cooking skills remind me of my mother. No one could surpass her in cooking, but you did.
  9. I am fascinated by your romantic makeup.
  10. How do you manage to look so amazing and impress with your beauty day after day?
  11. When I talk to you, time doesn't exist for me.
  12. When I think of your smile, I get goosebumps running down my back.
  13. Your fingers are so gentle. When you touch me, they take away any pain.
  14. Your character makes me a better person than I was before.
  15. If being beautiful is considered a crime; then you will be declared guilty.

10 Nice Things to Say Instead of Gifts for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

One of the best ways to get to a female's heart is by saying nice things to her. In-person or email sweet phrases and messages can mean a lot to the girl. Go over some ideas of how to message for girlfriend to make her feel special.

  1. Falling in love with you was the second best thing because meeting you was the first.
  2. You are like oxygen to my heart. I can't live without you.
  3. I look forward to our next meeting to tell you how much I love you!
  4. When I look at the moon, it reminds me of you.
  5. I count the minutes until I see you again.
  6. Please stop being so nice. You drive me crazy.
  7. No word in the dictionary perfectly explains your beauty.
  8. You were the missing piece in the puzzle of my life. Now you are here, and my puzzle is solved.
  9. I can no longer imagine my life without you. I will make you the happiest in this world!
  10. I love you every second, minute, hour, day, and night. We found each other among a million. I don't want to lose you, and I want to take care of you. I just want us to be together.

10 Funny Ideas to Text for GF to Make Her Feel Special

Girls love when guys make jokes or try to entertain them. That's why it's always a good idea to know how you can cheer up and message your girlfriend to make her feel special at the same time.

  1. You are the main reason for my global warming.
  2. I hope you know how to do CPR because it took my breath away when I saw you.
  3. To tell the truth, you have really good taste in guys. Otherwise, you wouldn't have chosen me.
  4. I cherish you more than all the books in the library.
  5. I'm sorry, I think I dropped my jaw when I saw you today. You were amazing!
  6. The people who raised you deserve a medal for a job well done.
  7. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you, but then you'd probably look at yourself all day and smile.
  8. If I got a dollar for every beautiful girl I ever saw and she was as gorgeous as you, I'd have $1 already.
  9. I would become a cat to spend nine lifetimes with you.
  10. If love is food for the soul, then I have no choice but to get fat.

Speaking is a true art. One who has mastered it perfectly will never be alone. To write a pleasant message is an effective way to stand out and even replace gifts for your girlfriend to make her feel special. The right words can melt the ice in the relationship and make the girl happier.

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