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Gorgeous Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry to Consider for Your Wedding

Bridal Jewelry

The perfect day, the perfect dress, and the perfect accessories: when you’re looking to walk down the aisle, only the very best will do. For discerning brides-to-be, there’s a precious metal for precious moments that’s perfect for vintage and modern styles: rose gold. Perhaps it's the unique reddish hue, like a Provence style rosé, that makes it so alluring; rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper that creates a mesmerizing color profile. It’s also possible that the draw of rose gold could be the way it seems to complement any outfit, and every skin tone. Of course, it might just be something more elemental: copper was used by royalty in ancient Egypt and Greece as a cure-all and youthful tonic. Whatever the case, rose gold is like the perfect first song -- classic, unique, and never out of style.

Get to Know Rose Gold

Rose gold is a perfect precious metal for custom jewelry -- the unique color palette making an ideal companion to diamonds and non-traditional gemstones alike. Expert bridal ateliers like allow you to craft the perfect bridal set with fully customizable rose gold options for the center stone and cut. These modern jewelry makers are also a perfect match for the socially conscious bridal suite: providing gorgeous, conflict-free bridal jewelry ideally suited to your perfect day.

While there are many options to choose from, and each metal has its pros and cons, rose gold has a few unique properties that make it worth consideration. Composed of gold and copper, the metallurgy profile of rose gold makes it quite durable, with a 14 karat rose gold pavé ring being up to 25% stronger than its white or platinum counterparts. Your bridal jewelry commemorates your special day, but it also should last a lifetime, and rose gold has the strength to make good on that promise. Additionally, unlike white gold, rose gold does not require the periodic reapplication of rhodium plating, making it easier to maintain.

Of course, that copper alloy can cause problems for those with metal hypersensitivity or copper allergies. Be sure to check for signs of sensitivity. Ultimately, your engagement ring should match you perfectly, no matter which style you choose.

Historically Beautiful

Historically Beautiful

Rose gold seems to have a hard-to-pinpoint regal quality, and that may be due, in part, to its history: the alloy was discovered by Russian artisan Carl Fabregé, whose primary job was designing custom pieces for Russian royalty. If the name sounds familiar, it's because the inventor of rose gold also invented the famously luxe Fabergé Egg. From his early 19th century innovation to the opulent world of 1920s wealth, rose gold gained popularity in the champagne-drenched Art Deco dreamscape of the roaring twenties (personified most appropriately by a rose gold solitaire). In the fashion of the times, women’s styles tended toward excess in expressions of luxuriant femininity, which meant the pink hues of rose gold found a home with the decade’s leading designers: most prominently, perhaps, in the 1920s-era offerings of Cartier.

While rose gold is evocative of that bygone era of Great Gatsby extravagance and Art Deco adornment, its classic and enrapturing color profile has proved to make a lasting impression on the world of jewelry. Beyond a “vintage” look, rose gold stylings are sleek, chic, and cosmopolitan. No matter what size your wedding, embrace your own regality with a rose gold bridal jewelry set that’s as distinctive as your special day.

Set Your Stage

Set Your Stage

You might not be Russian royalty or a 1920s starlet, but you deserve to have an absolutely resplendent wedding celebration. Opulence can come in many forms, and extravagance can be present in even small weddings. Part and parcel in choosing the right wedding jewelry are matching it to the dress, venue, and event itself, which means creating a suitable budget for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Here are a few tips to make sure the planning stage doesn’t take the bloom off the rose, especially when the rose is on your finger:

  • Get creative: No one knows your own taste and style like you -- and your partner -- which means that with a little creativity, you might just be your own ideal save-the-date designer.
  • Get communal: Weddings are a time to bring together your closest friends and family, each with their own amazing gifts and talents. Find the photographer or musician willing to work from the bottom of their heart, and you may be surprised how perfectly they fit.
  • Get intimate: While rose gold bridal jewelry might summon images of 1920s blowouts, even Gatsby longed to be surrounded by true friends. Avoid the guest list bloat and you’ll avoid breaking the bank. Bonus: with fewer people in the receiving line, you’ll have more time to dance!

Of course, filling in gaps in the preparation can sometimes be necessary, and no wedding is complete without something borrowed, something blue, and something going slightly awry. Fortunately, some services are there to help with incidentals, which means you can focus on the perfect bridal set and leave the budgetary worry behind.

Whatever your choice of bridal jewelry, keep in mind the old axiom: “to thine own self, be true.” Not sure where to start? Consult an expert to make sure you’ve found the perfect custom piece, and can look back fondly on a perfect wedding celebration -- no rose-colored glasses required.

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