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The Dos and Don'ts of Romantic Holidays

A romantic holiday can be a once in a lifetime thing, something you do when you get married or something you may be fortunate to do every year. Either way you need to know what to expect and what to do and not to do and this blog is here to help with that.

The 10 Dos

1. Do limit your romantic holiday to a long weekend break. If this is the first time you go on holiday as a couple, you shouldn't aim to take a round the world trip, as you don't know just yet how you'll get along. In this situation, shorter is sweeter.

2. Do try to take into account your common passion and interests to build your trip on. The best way to do it is to plan your holiday together. Agree on the type of accommodation to book and on the activities to do during your trip. You'll both know what to expect from your romantic adventure.

3. Do choose a holiday spot neither of you have visited before. This will be your best chance to create some memories together, as a couple, without any shadow from the past. Avoid places you've visited with a previous partner by all means!

4. Do try to prevent unnecessary stress and pressure. Get to the airport early, plan your route to the destination in great details, and make sure you have the currency exchange sorted out before the trip. Don't leave everything for the mast moment.

5. Do add some romance to your flight. You can get into the holiday mood while flying by ordering a bottle of champagne and by cuddling up to each other under the blanket.

6. Do make unexpected romantic gestures. Surprise your partner with a nice breakfast in bed or with a romantic dinner by candlelight after a long day outdoor. Keep in mind that small details can sometimes make all the difference.

7. Do try something new. Don't shy away from adventure. Try out things you've never done before. Surfing, water-skiing or even eating something for the first time can count as adventurous experiences. By trying out new experiences together, you'll create bonds that can serve as a good foundation to build on. You'll also build some great memories together.

8. Do spend some time apart from each other during your trip. Holidays are the perfect time to connect, but you shouldn't neglect yourself in the process. You can go for an early morning swim by yourself to think about the things that matter to you. This will make you feel refreshed and excited to spend time with your partner.

9. Do pamper yourselves as much as you can. Treat yourselves to a fine dining experience or to a massage session together. You'll make this experience romantic and memorable, that's for sure.

10. Do come home with a special souvenir from your trip. Watch your partner to see what kind of things he or she enjoys. Secretly buy one of these items and surprise them with this unexpected gift once you get back home. This item will serve as a nice remainder of your romantic holiday.

The 5 Don'ts

1. Don't try to go on a romantic holiday to fix a dysfunctional relationship. If your life as a couple has come to an end, holidays aren't going to bring it back. You may have fun during the trip, but things will return to normal as soon as you'll return. It's better to discuss and work things out together before taking any trip.

2. Don't forget to pack some medicines. Sunburns, allergy, cold and flu are among the most common medical problems you may have to face during your trip. Pack all basic holiday medicines to save you from trouble, should any of you get ill while away.

3. Don't try to add too many tourist objective to your bucket list. Rather spend time relaxing, enjoying yourself and bonding with your romantic partner. This is better than running from one tourist objective to the next.

4. Don't spend too much time on your phone. These moments you share with your partner are truly special. Don't waste them checking your phone or replying to messages every few minutes. Of course, checking your messages from time to time is a normal thing to do, however make sure you don't push it too far. Everything that's not an emergency can wait.

5. Don't let occasional disagreements ruin your experience. Many couples tend to set their expectations too high when planning a romantic holiday. If you want to avoid deception, you have to be realistic. You'll probably argue on different topics. There's nothing wrong with that. However, make sure that you find a way to work out these disagreements. Once you do it, make up and kiss each other right away.

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