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Choosing the Right Birthday Flowers for
the Special Man in Your Life

If you want to impress a man in your life, then you must do something completely unexpected. The person who is the savior in your life you must spread happiness in his life. When you choose joy for your man, no other present than beautiful flowers come to your mind. Celebrate your special man's birthday specially and make him feel that he deserves the best in the world. Celebrate the joyous moment in his life by decorating his life with lots of delightful flowers. Make his birthday extra special by gifting him hand-arranged or hand-delivered flowers right at the doorstep. He will be surprised by this gesture and impressed by you.

It has always been seen and observed that a man gifts his girl flowers. But the time has been changing; guys do love receiving flowers. It's not a girly thing anymore. They do like to receive the entire flower delivery as they do also feel special as you do when you receive the flower on a valentine's day. You can buy flowers through Online Flower Delivery in Kolkata.

You must be nervous while showing your love to him in a floral way. Do not worry. We are here for your rescues. You never know how special he can feel by just receiving the flower you thought of. Have a look at this article, and you can get a clear idea about it.

1. Love with Red Roses

Roses elegantly bloom for the lovers out there. Red roses are a symbol of love. When you are out there for your date or boyfriend's birthday or husband's birthday, the best you can choose is the red roses. Roses are the conveyor of romantic love. Fill the air with romance with a box or vase flower of red rose and make your man a particular day a bit much better.

2. Give your man the pink roses

Roses are not always for love and romance. The roses also convey affection and admiration. Pink rose is for the special man in your life with whom you share a loving and passion able life. You can present the roses as bouquets, vases, and can give your family, friends, mentors, or colleagues at work.

3. The friendship for yellow roses

The color yellow is for positivity. Gift your special man and make them believe in their self spirit. Tell them how much positivity they bring into your life. He will appreciate the effort you have made.

4. Succulents

It's always not necessary to present the flower; you can go for a succulent plant. This also transmits good wishes. They are the enemy of empty spaces and fill them with good vibes and freshness.

5. Anthurium

It's a bright flower with a bold splash of green leaves, but it is a gender-neutral flower. If your man is a tropical lover, he will definitely like this flower.

6. Sunflowers

It is the ideal gift for any birthday. The sunflower requires less time and effort to be healthy. The sunflower depicts the bold, significant, and cheerful atmosphere around you. It is the best opted birthday gift for your man.You can buy these flowers through Flower Delivery in Bangalore.

7. Orchids

Orchids can be a perfect flower present for your brother, man, dad. You can present them on their birthday or in job promotion. The orchid comes in all shapes and colors. It can be a natural stress reliever and best for male professionals.

8. Iris

Iris is mainly for men's colognes. They smell fresh and are the sole symbol of courage, trust, and honor.

It's been seen from the research that has been made from most of the guys that they like some masculine monochromatic palette like dendrobium orchids in a white or purple bouquets yellow sunflower. It's always better to have a clean and natural style of flower arrangement, which is best suited to men. Keep some basic knowledge about flowers that will help you to deliver your message more appropriately. Like

  • Daisies= daisies come with a message of loyalty.
  • Red roses= the red roses coveys the symbol of romantic love
  • Yellow roses= the yellow roses signify the friendship
  • Bamboo= the bamboo signifies good luck
  • Chrysanthemums= the tiny flower symbolizes friendship.
  • Alstroemeria= the flower comes with a message of devotion.

If your man has some particular hobby, then it's easier to gift him flower with your little touch. You can also add a Bonsai plant for your man as they have quite a masculine appeal and will be liked by your man.


  • Flowers are an acceptable gift for men too. The only thing you should keep in mind is the right choice of flower for your man. It will be a different kind of flower you give to your mom and the flower you give to your man. It is said that “the way to a man's heart is through his stomach” so why not give your father Happy Father's Day flowers that are like this beef jerky flower bouquet?
  • As roses are always popular, but it should not be necessary that all the men out there would love it. You can choose the different flowers of different meanings which vary from one another.
  • The most important while presenting the flowers is the choice of colors. Always opt for a vibrant color like yellow, orange, green, blue. In many cultures white stands for sad mourning, so better avoid the color for a birthday present.
  • Look for the number of flowers. As many countries have a different meaning to numbers. So it's better to have those basic facts known while sending the flowers.
  • Always try to go for a darker bloom and rich tone of color of flower as they have a masculine type of symbol.

Now, as you got some ideas, facts, and knowledge about flowers for men, you must not delay. No matter where he lives, a flower present will always make him feel special. Impress your man with an exotic and vibrant color of the flower. Make their birthday a special one. Please give them the flowers with a little touch of your own that will make their birthday a memorable one.

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