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Four Retirement Gift Ideas They'll Love and Appreciate

Gift Ideas

Retirement is a milestone in life that deserves to be recognized - especially after the average American works for 60 years before stepping back from their careers.

But what should you give your loved one as a gift to mark the occasion?

We have four great retirement gift ideas that we know they'll love...

1. Brew Your Own

One thing retirement allows us is the opportunity to take up a new hobby.

Another might be relaxing more, and enjoying the simple pleasures life brings, without worrying you've got work to go to the next day.

Why not give your loved one a 'Brew Your Own...' type gift. There are fantastic kits on the market to give as gifts that teach you how to concoct your own wine, beer, whiskey, or other drinks. There are many crazy Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers that you can come up with, it's amazing.

And then your loved one can sit back and sip the fruits of their labor.

2. Travelogue

More time means more time to explore and travel.

And while we're not necessarily suggesting you book your loved one on an all-expenses-paid voyage around the world, it's a nice idea to provide them with something they can document their travels in.

A thoughtful and creative retirement gift idea for men and women is a travel journal.

There are all sorts of online stores offering a range of designs to suit your loved one's tastes, and you can even get these personalized for added detail.

Encourage the gift-receiver to use the journal to map out where and when they want to travel to. They can plan it and then document it when they go on their adventures - and they will always have a keepsake to read long afterward.

3. Fitbit

Retiring from work and getting a little older doesn't mean you have to slow down when it comes to keeping active. In fact, it's always advisable that those who retire remain as busy as they can, so that they still enjoy life and don't get complacent.

So why not buy them a Fitbit. These watches are the perfect accessory for anyone of any age to keep track of their daily activity and be sure they're still reaching targets.

Perhaps when they're out of the rat race, your loved one will worry about slowing down. Or maybe they'll set themselves new fitness goals. What better way to keep an eye on their progress than a fitness tracker?

4. Retirement Book

Why not put together a retirement book for your loved one.

These can be done via a professional service - like the ones here - or it's something you can collate and put together yourself.

These books are more of a retrospective gift - something your loved one can look back on and recall the highlights of their career.

Imagine their face when they open a collection of messages and photos from colleagues, friends, or family, all in one place.

The Perfect Retirement Gift

We hope this retirement gift guide was helpful.

If you are looking for more helpful tips, we cover a vast array of topics over on our blog.

From spiritual development to personal success to finance, business and law, check out the other resources on our site for some great life hacks.

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