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Reframing Death: Learning How To Celebrate Life

Our approach to death in modern society is often very unhealthy. Many people spend so much time focusing on the loss that they forget to celebrate the life of the person that they have lost and the new journey that they are about to undertake. People find grief very difficult because they see the loss of a loved one as a final ending and they lose sight of the fact that person lived a full life and created a lot of memories. 

Celebrate Life

If you are struggling with the loss of somebody close to you and you want to change the way that you think about things, these are some of the best ways to celebrate their life instead of focusing on their death. 

Stop Thinking Of Death As An Ending

The reason that so many people struggle with death in modern society is that they see it as a final ending. We think of life as finite and when we lose somebody, we grieve for them as if they are gone forever. But it’s important to be open to the possibility of life after death and consider the end of their life as a beginning, not an end. Knowing that your loved one has moved on to something else gives you comfort and you can focus on celebrating the time you spent with them and the new journey that they are about to embark on. 

Plan A Celebration Of Life Service

When you are planning a funeral for your loved one, think about a celebration of life service and make that the focus. Funerals are usually very somber events that focus too much on loss and finality. Even religious services that acknowledge the potential of life after death still don’t put enough focus on celebrating life a lot of the time. So, when you are planning a service for your loved one, put celebration at the heart of it and don’t be afraid to leave behind any conventions that go against that. 

Create A Fitting Memorial Space

Thinking of death as a beginning rather than an end doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a memorial space to remember somebody. It is the end of your time with them and there are good memories there that you should always cherish. So, investing in bronze headstones and putting time into maintaining the grave so you always have a space to visit deceased loved ones is very important. 

Don’t Shy Away From Talking About The Person

When people are grieving the loss of a loved one, they often shy away from talking about the person. They find it difficult because they are focused on the loss rather than the celebration. But when you don’t talk about somebody, it’s impossible to change the way that you think about their death. Although many people find it difficult to talk about somebody they have lost, sharing good memories of them is the best way to celebrate them. 

By changing the way that we think about death and turning it into a celebration, it is much easier for us to deal with.

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