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8 Signs How to Recognize Your Karma Partner

Karma partner

Finding the karma partner seems very happy to many people. A person who fits me one hundred percent and that forever! The karma partner represents the great love for life. Sometimes the term is also summarized with double soul or twin soul. But do we even know what or whom to order with this romantic wish?

Contrary to popular belief, in most cases a karma partner is not a happy meeting at all. And maybe your difficult partner is your karma partner, even if you can't believe it. Because the karma partner by your side has a task that needs to be solved. It's either a task assigned to you, or vice versa.

Occasionally the relationship partners face each other with the karmic challenges. A karmic task is an unsolved problem that arises from previous incarnations. Karmic happiness, on the other hand, does not hide a task, but is the result of well-solved karma tasks. These cases are far less common. Because karmic problems are often life changing. The quality of the time this task is performed is often referred to as the difficult or even painful phase of life. A karma partner can come into play in many ways.

1. The karma partner himself is the task

Karmic partners are often old acquaintances from previous incarnations. These are souls who have already mastered many lives together. The roles taken in life vary. Today it is your partner, in the previous life it could have been your child or friend. And along with that, there may be an old theme from the previous incarnation that needs to be balanced. The setting for this is current life. Did you do anything to this soul in the previous life? So in this life the bill can be presented to you.

2. Mirroring the negative values

Does your partner show you his bad personality traits every day? That annoys you enormously and makes you mad with anger? If these topics appeal to you so strongly, you may have lived these negative values yourself.

It is probably a previous life karmic issue. Your partner reflects you and shows you what it is like to have such an experience. It is important for you to realize that you do not want to live these values. You can gain knowledge in this life by perceiving that these negative values can be connected with a lot of pain. These include: abuse of trust, lack of loyalty, fraud, abuse of power and emotional or physical violence.

3. Sickness and care

If your partner is seriously or even terminally ill, this affects his karma first. But in a broader sense it can be a task for you too. How do I behave in this phase of life? How strongly are the attributes of compassion, empathy, helpfulness and responsibility present? And how far do I get involved in helpfulness? Because your willingness to make sacrifices must also be carefully considered. It can be a karmic aspect that you don't exhaust yourself completely and forget yourself in the process.

4. Domination and domination

If the partner is dominant and wants to control you, it can lead to a lot of problems. A karmic task can also be hidden behind it. It will likely show you that you shouldn't bend over. Say your opinion could be the message. You should protect yourself and make sure that your self-esteem is maintained.

5. Victim role

One of the classics on karmic issues is the role of the victim. Often it is the partner who takes on the role of the perpetrator. It sounds cruel at first to do such a karmic task. However, it is important that you get rid of this victim role. A perpetrator is absolutely necessary for this. The message of this karmic task is simple: get rid of the victim role and step into your self-esteem! Represent yourself and your soul because you have a responsibility for yourself.

6. Take responsibility for life

Do you love your partner but something is bothering you? There are always problems when your partner takes responsibility. Even the smallest decision is up to you? And you also fail to consolidate the partnership with a marriage or defined future plans? Your partner's fear of responsibility is too great. And it is also made easy for your partner: You take over all the tasks that he should actually do. If you want to keep the relationship going, you need to move away from this approach. Otherwise, the next karma partner could take your place. And this time it's a person who doesn't have your power. This forces your ex-partner to take responsibility.

7. Short episodes with sustainability

Relationships don't always have to last for many years or even forever. Some karma partners only come on stage to get something done. Then they quickly disappeared again. They show you something that will be important in your life. Either you learn something from this partner, which is very important for your professional future. Or this partner ensures that you experience an emotional hold in a difficult phase. These karma partners are there for you to follow your life plan. Sometimes you need accomplices who take on an appropriate part. These partners usually don't stay long. But they will always be in your memory because they were crucial for a life change.

8. Karma partners drain your strength

Karmic partners who come into our lives with a task need a lot of inner strength. On the one hand, you live with this person and you cannot avoid them. On the other hand, there is the unsolved task in the room that demands a lot from you. Courage, strength, energy, the ability to make decisions or rebellion could be helpful to you on this path. But it may also be necessary to cross borders that you previously did not think possible.

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