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Rare Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds?

A lab-grown diamond is an artificial diamond made in a laboratory using a high-pressure and temperature process. They are created in the same way as natural diamonds are but without the need to find and mine natural stones of this quality. The process will produce the same results as a mined diamond. Despite the fact that they are created in a laboratory environment, they are still considered to be 100% natural and a lot of people prefer them to mined diamonds due to their consistency of appearance.

The process of making lab-grown diamonds involves taking tiny pieces of diamonds and putting them into a pressurized vessel. Gas is blown through at very high levels of temperature. This will cause the carbon atoms to move around until they crystallize on their own. Once this has been done, this process will slowly make a diamond come together in its natural environment, even as it is being made. The result is a stone that is extremely consistent in terms of appearance and quality. It also retains the same amount of imperfections that were present when the stone was formed.

Another advantage of getting a lab-grown diamond is that it will have virtually no carbon footprint. This means they are perfectly environmentally friendly. They are also much cheaper than natural diamonds which are becoming increasingly difficult to find and mine in sufficient quantities to meet the demands of the market.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better

1. More Clarity

Lab-grown diamonds have a better clarity level than mined diamonds. The reason behind this is that they hit the stone harder and are therefore subjected to more stress than diamonds in mines. As a result, the crystal structure of lab-grown diamonds is less distorted and it will therefore have fewer inclusions. When a natural diamond is formed, it does not go through the same type of stress that a lab-grown diamond does. This means that it will not meet the high standards of clarity that people expect and are used to when they buy lab-grown diamonds.

2. Easy to Customize

When you buy a lab-grown diamond, the shape and quality of your chosen stone can be changed right at home without the help of a jeweller. The diamond is placed in an acid bath that has been specifically designed to bring about the changes you desire. All that you need to do is pick your stone up and check how it looks. You will also have an extensive choice of different shapes as well as different qualities and prices.

3. Better Quality

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth. They can withstand the gradual process of dissolving, which gives them their characteristic stability in terms of shape and appearance. This is why they are so valued. Unfortunately, this process also means that diamonds have a tendency to lose their quality over time and become brittle and prone to damage more easily. To combat this, diamond jewellers have been using different treatments to strengthen them and recover their original shine.

4. Durable

The process of making lab-grown diamonds has been designed to be as natural as possible. Since they have not been exposed to the dangerous conditions of mines, they are not affected by them. It is also important to note that these stones can withstand sudden temperature changes without breaking apart. This means you can wear them in everyday situations without worrying about damaging them.

5. Affordable

Lab-grown diamonds are one of the most popular choices because they are very cheap when compared to mined diamonds. This is because their prices have been set at a level that does not result in excessive profit for the jeweller. The process of making them is also considerably cheaper than that used to make mined diamonds. You would expect prices to be high for something that has been brought together in such a hard environment but they are actually much lower than you might think.

Get to know is an online store with a 5/5 star rating on Google Business Profile as well as Trustpilot that sells lab-grown diamonds and offers the USA's best guarantee. Rare Carat is part of the US jewellery industry, offering fine jewellery at a lower cost because they cut out the middlemen. The leader in technology and diamond purification, Rare Carat Lab Grown Diamonds guarantees their lab-grown diamonds are 100% defect-free and natural as mined diamonds without the harmful environmental effects or ethical concerns about diamond mining practices.

How to find good lab-created diamond deals from

To find the best deals, go through's diamond deals and choose the lab-grown diamond you want to buy from their 10,000+ styles that can be customized in over 50 different shapes and sizes. You can then take advantage of their Best Price Guarantee and make your purchase by using their secure payment gateway. Then wait for delivery from the USA's best lab-created diamond jeweller Rare Carat so you don't miss out on a great deal.

For people who have ethical problems with the mining of diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative. They are 100% natural and have the same consistency of flaws as mined diamonds. They are also easier to customize than natural diamonds and they retain their quality over time. For these reasons, they can be considered to be more durable than natural diamonds. They are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly so they offer a lot more value for money than mined diamonds can. Lab-grown diamond jewellers like www.rarecarat.

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