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How to Use Rare Carat to Buy Good Diamond Deals for Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a truly remarkable experience. You want to ensure her happiness and give her something she'll treasure for the rest of her life; therefore, you need to make sure you're making the right decisions at every turn. This is exactly what leads to selecting an engagement ring.

Many people spend their first visit to a jewellery store trying on engagement rings or looking for the perfect diamond. When there are seemingly infinite diamond retailers and an infinite supply of diamonds, it can be challenging to know if you are getting the best value for your money. But you're not alone any longer. We will show you how to use Rare Carat to buy good diamond deals for your engagement ring.

What is Rare Carat?

When Rare Carat was started, its founder, Ajay Anand, was also looking for an engagement ring. When he noticed the process to be too challenging and complex, he decided to make Rare Carat so that customers could get unbiased facts about diamond engagement rings and make a comparison of millions of diamonds from one place.

Rare Carat offers a simple way of comparing diamond prices in order to get the best deal through a search engine. Nowadays, Rare Carat is a more pretty standard retailer. Their goal is simple: to give customers the tools and information they need to make intelligent decisions about what to buy.

How to use Rare Carat to buy good diamond deals for your engagement ring?

When you go to Rare Carat to look for a good deal on a diamond for your engagement ring, you can either take a short test if you're unfamiliar with buying diamonds or begin with a jewellery selection based on your filtration choice. The test asks clients if they prefer a diamond that was grown in a lab or one that was mined. It also asks them how much money they have and what size and shape of diamond they want. Then, they'll request what kind of diamond you genuinely desire: the best quality, a good mix of quality and size, or the biggest one possible.

After that, you'll see a list of precious diamonds that fit your criteria, and you'll be able to see where these good diamonds are sold. You can also narrow your search by what each retailer offers, such as free sizing, a return policy, or a lifetime warranty.

Rare Carat will give you constant updates when fresh inventory comes in if you want your search queries sent to your email. If you don't find what you're searching for, you can talk to a gemologist online, over the phone, or by email.

Things to know on How to use Rare Carat to buy good diamond deals for your engagement ring:

  1. Before you choose a diamond for your engagement ring, the 4C's are the most important thing to know. The 4Cs refer to a diamond's Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. The GIA has made it easy to compare the quality and price of diamonds by setting a universal standard. This helps us figure out what makes one diamond different from another.
    • Cut: This refers to the expertise with which a good diamond is cut to ensure that its outer surface or "facets" are able to refract and reflect light optimally. This has an effect on the beauty of a diamond as well as its price.
    • Color: The lack of color in a diamond of gem quality is referred to as "color," The GIA uses a grading scale that goes from D to Z to categorize diamonds according to their lack of color or colorless to light color.
    • Clarity: This indicates whether or not the diamond has flaws on the inside, called inclusions, or on the outside, called blemishes. You may also call them "birthmarks" since no two diamonds share the same flaw or inclusion.
    • Carat: It is the weight of a good diamond, not its size, that is indicated by the carat measurement.
  2. Understanding the many diamond cutting techniques and shapes. The diamond's external framework or contour is referred to as its form. The primary shapes are ten. The location of the diamond's facets upon its surface, such as in a brilliant or step cut, is referred to as the cutting style or diamond cut.
  3. Select the ideal metal to improve the diamond's appearance. The appropriate metal selection is crucial because it has an impact on the jewellery's overall appearance. Platinum is a popular choice because they provide a modern appearance. This is especially important to remember for diamonds with colors between D to J because they are a great choice and improve the colorlessness of these stones. In contrast, if colorless diamonds are placed in yellow gold, the good diamonds will reflect the gold's color, giving the piece a yellowish appearance.
  4. Find out what size ring would fit her perfectly. Find out her ring size. The most challenging part of doing this is to find her ring size without giving away the surprise, but we can help! First, you may ask her directly if she is aware or get help from her friend or mother. Second, you may get an idea from one of the rings she already had. Go to any local jeweller or search for how to measure ring size online. Last but not least, you may print out the handy ring size chart.

Don't worry if you don't get the right size the first time. All of the retailers offer free sizing after you buy. You may also ask a gemologist about the store you want to buy from to find out what their exact policies are.


Do your research before you buy a diamond, as you should every time? Learn as much as you can about this often expensive purchase so you can make a more informed decision. When you buy an excellent diamond online, you can look around at your own pace and start comparing diamonds from all over the world. But this can also be a scary thing to do. That's why Rare Carat is an excellent assistance to have.

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