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Sex and Awakening

By Mick Quinn

All sex is not ego, but it is only with a declaration of awakening to authentic joy that you achieve perfect clarity on the motives and intentions that support your own relationships.

The wonder of modern science can clip and shape gender despite the biological extremes of oxytocin and testosterone. With willing participants, he is now she, and she is now he. This begs the question: if a transsexual male were to attain a complete transcendent awakening, would that be a score for women's enlightenment?

Soon, we may be able to clone our favorite humans. I wonder if the orders for the Paris Hilton model will outweigh those for the Colin Farrell replica? Or, we could order both of them and just watch. Regardless of our penchant for particular parts, it is common knowledge that the sexual force can be daunting, destructive, and at times overwhelming. Even God was concerned about this one, and delivered the sixth commandment: Thou shalt not commit adultery. The sexual force is relentlessly requesting release into this dimension. The power and grace of the awakened potential is also seeking to enter our world. An awakened choice separates whether you align your destiny with the former or the latter.

At first it may seem that these impersonal and universal impulses - of sexual energy and pure creative spontaneity - share few similarities. But consider now these interesting commonalities:

  1. They both require people in order to manifest in this world.
  2. Neither cares about your gender, or if you are missing certain parts.
  3. They do not care if you have a sexual preference.
  4. Neither is concerned about your past, your beliefs, or your nationality.
  5. Neither cares about your personal needs or requirements.
  6. The more you consciously pay attention to one or the other the more that particular impulse will make use of your ability to act. (The extremes range from acute forms of sexual deviance, and its consequences, to the life and times of a fully awakened and happily married sage.)
Despite the fact that the human body conducts these two distinct universal impulses, the requirements for that channel are quite different. This is because the objectives synonymous with the expression of sexual energy are most often diametrically opposed to those of an individual who is experiencing awakened potential.

The impersonal sexual force is primarily harnessed for personal gratification. The impersonal awakened potential is not amenable to personal wants, only the individual's ability to tend its eternal mission in this realm; the awakening of all of humanity.

The sexual force fully accepts conditioning, narcissism, and ignorance in an individual. The awakened impulse only unfolds to the degree to which the ogre is absent. Sexual energy does not care in the least about its intended targets. It simply requires transmission: "Get me out!" is an urge I am sure we are all familiar with. Frequently, the only option the expresser has is sexual preference (with cultural programming still weighing in heavily for heterosexuality).

Individuals expressing the glorious impulse of liberation have implicit compassion for others. In fact, awakened individuals care more about others (not the ogre in them) than they do about themselves. Sexual energy has no prerequisites for the transmitter, or for the recipient to accept responsibility for their actions.

For the transmission of awakened potential to occur, the vehicle of expression (you) must be purified to a high degree. "Purification" means that conscious the editing of conditioned motives and intentions is advanced. The appearance of awakened potential always has an uplifting and curative consequence in the world.

This stands in stark opposition to the unbridled expression of sexual force: violation, A.I.D.S, and over-population are downsides of a world lost in the grip of an impersonal sexual drive.

Only your declaration of awakening (the conscious transition from courageous to awakened de-centering of the ogre) allows clarity to emerge in your own motives and intentions regarding sex. It may help that you are a celibate Vegan, living in the Pacific Northwest, but not necessarily.

A native of Ireland, Mick Quinn has lectured to thousands nationwide and has received press attention from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
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