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Simple Tips to Improve Your Relationship Health


By Jade C. Pulman

As a human being, that means we belong to a species that is social and relies on interpersonal relationships for not only our well-being, but for our survival. Considering that one-third of our day is spent at work, and one-third of our day is spent awake and most of that is at home, chances are a good portion of that time is spent interacting with other individuals. Building better relationships is something most people strive for, because it helps you to build your reputation, self-esteem, and in general, makes life much more bearable when the people around you enjoy their relationship with you.

It All Starts with You

Truly, all good relationships begin with you. The key to this is to look at your side of the street and to stop the blame game. So many times, relationships suffer because it is always somebody else’s fault. When we stop to look at what role we are playing, and we start to clean up our side of the street, our relationships tend to improve. We cannot change other people, their reactions, actions or attitudes. But, we can change our own. If we truly want to build better relationships, we need to start looking at what we are contributing to them.

Better Relationships at Home

Creating unity in the household with your spouse and/or children is important, and one important factor in this is keeping your work life out of your personal life. Although it is okay to let them know you’re your day was and what you did, turning your phone off from emails and calls when you walk in the door can make a world of difference. Your family wants to know that they are important also. When you devote attention to them, you will provide them with the feeling of unity and commitment that they need to feel secure and to know that they still come first. Remember, it is your family who will be there even if you change jobs.

Better Relationships with Your Clients

Patience, network navigation, and relationship revival are essential for client management. If you have a job that demands a high level of networking, it is important to make sure that you can stay on top of it with some organization. Personal communication is vital to each one of these relationships. Everyone is busy. Having patience when clients can’t get back to you right away is just as important. If you are invited to attend a function, doing what you can to prioritize and attend can make a world of difference in building client relationships. If something went astray between you and a past client, making amends or apology and reviving a lost relationship can build a bridge that was burned and open new doors. No one like a soured reputation.

Better Relationships with Your Boss

See what you can learn, don’t take it personally, and keep your personal life outside of the office are three of the best tips you can master to build a better relationship with your boss. Your boss is a busy person and doesn’t have time to deal with trivial matters. He has a busy to run and manage. What he does want, though, is someone who can get the job done, and done right. Finding out how you can learn and improve the company (and yourself) can build some standing ground for the two of you to converse over. Don’t take criticism personally, he may just be trying to help you grow. And just like you want to keep your work life away from your home, keep your home life away from work.

Better Relationships with You Cohorts

Show your interest and say I am sorry. It is that simple. Don’t step on people’s toes. Apply all the same applications as above, just with the people that you work with. Listen, the world isn’t going to bend to your will. You aren’t always right, and you aren’t God. So, doing what you can to learn about other people that you work with will help you in the long run. And when you are wrong, admit that you are wrong and say you are sorry.

Relationships are complicated, but you can always improve how you interact with others. By mastering a few simple skills and principles, you can make you life a whole lot easier, and make your work and home environment much more enjoyable for everyone. The key is to look at the role that you are playing. Start from there and modify as you go along.

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