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Psychology of Male Behavior in Relationships

Dating men is not easy, it is a lot of hard work and it can be difficult to know what the men you are in a relationship are thinking. Men on average are less likely to reveal their true emotions which can make it hard to know and understand what they are thinking at a particular moment in time. But do not worry because in this article we are going to be helping you increase your knowledge about the psychology of male behavior in relationships.

It Is a Fact That Men Care About Looks.

Research shows that men care far more about looks than women do, women tend to instead appreciate more the personality and other non-appearance related aspects of a potential partner. Moreover, men are naturally more interested in relationships; this is an evolutionary characteristic of males.

Therefore, you shouldn't try managing men that are in your life to make them fit around you, and you also should not get upset if they are constantly interested in romance or that they may glance at another person. You should be understanding and accept that in this aspect, it is simply how men are naturally created and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Know the Difference Between Freedom and Love.

Often guys may not actually know themselves whether they actually love a girl and want a long-term relationship with her or whether they simply fancy her physically. A good way to know if a guy actually likes you rather than simply fancying you is to see if they want to spend time with you doing activities that do not involve intimacy.

Additionally, you should see if the guy pays attention to what you are saying, as this is a key sign that they care about you want and want to be in a real relationship with your rather than a simple one-night stand. A further sign is if they make an effort to impress you and to make you happy, guys that do not actually want to be your boyfriend will usually put as little effort as possible in your relationship.

Men Need Space.

It is also important to give your man space so that they can do what they like and enjoy doing. After the so-called honeymoon period in a relationship ends, you may notice that the guy that you are dating will distance themselves and spend on average less time with you. This is natural and you shouldn't worry about it, men tend to be less attached to their partners instead opting to spend their time by themselves or with friends.

The amount of time that your male partner spends with you will depend on the number of shared interests that you have, for example, if you have a shared hobby such as going to the gym or watching comedy movies then you will spend more time together.

If you wish to spend more time with your boyfriend then there are right and wrong ways to go about it, you shouldn't force your boyfriend to spend time with you, but instead you should let him know how you feel and come to some sort of mutual solution to the issue. It is key to also accept the fact that he is a grown man, that is not required to let you know about everything that he is doing.

Guide Men in the Right Direction.

The psychology of male behavior in relationships is not easy to understand and this is in part because many men do not know how to act and what to do in order to make their romantic relationship thrive. Sometimes it is needed for the female to guide her boyfriend or husband in the right direction, at first, this can be challenging especially if you do not have any experience managing men.

It is best to approach the situation in a sensitive and caring way as well as keeping in mind that it will often require a lot of patient to change the behavior of someone especially when they are a grown person.

Communication is key if you want to turn your partner into a better husband, for example, if you have any concerns such as your husband spending too much money on going out with his friends after work then you should just tell him. But also keep in mind that it will most likely take a lot of time for him to alter his behavior for the better.

Some Men May Not Be Ready for a Serious Relationship.

According to a study published in Oxford Academic, the female brain matures much faster on average than the male due to the faster development of connections in the female brain. This is also supported by multiple surveys conducted in the United States where men and women are both asked which gender is the most mature, in the majority of those surveys females are voted as the most mature gender.

You can find out more about the different gender aspects at the information portal.

So even if a man may look like a grown man and is well in adulthood, they can still have the mentality of an individual that is much younger. This is an important point to consider, as some men may simply not be ready for the responsibilities and hard work that comes with being in a serious relationship. They may react to those difficulties in different ways such as being angry, constantly being agitated, or simply being distanced from their partner.

Influence on Male Psychology from Society.

The male psychology is also heavily influenced by the society that they find themselves in, this will include the everyday people that they interact with, and also the media and entertainment that they tend to consume.

Males will typically feel a lot of pressure to be the main earners for the family, due to this if they encounter difficulty in work such as not getting the raise they were aiming for or even worse getting fired. This can lead them to feel a lot of shame leading them to distance from their partner.

Moreover, generally in most societies around the world men who are different are celebrated in society and in the media. A good example of this is James Bond and superheroes such as Batman and Wolverine who are all fictional male characters whose success with the ladies is present as a good trait. Some men may therefore aim for such a similar scenario in their life in order to get approval from third-parties and also feel good about themselves.

Communication Removes the Mystery.

The psychology of male behavior in relationships should not be a massive mystery, as we have pointed out a few times in this article it is important to communicate with each other.

Although it is good to have adequate knowledge of why your male partner may acting a certain way, by talking to them about it, you can learn a lot more about the situation. Every person is different, and the real world is very complicated so rather than spending a lot of time considering all of the different possibilities you should simply talk with your partner.

Discussing things is a habit, the more that you and your other half do it the better you will both become at opening up about the issues you may be encountering and strengthen your relationship.

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