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3 Loving Ways to Preserve the
Memory of Your Loved One

Preserve the Memory of Your Loved One

When you lose someone you love, holding on to the meaningful memories you shared with them is a great way to deal with your grief. You’ll find that as time continues to pass, some of your memories may fade away unless you take the time to revisit them from time to time. One of the best ways you can refresh the memory of someone you love is with some type of visual stimulation.

By revisiting the memories you have in a happy way is very beneficial when you are trying to come to terms with their death. Some loving ways you can preserve the memory you have of a deceased loved one can be found here.

1. Create a Lasting Digital Audio Recording of Their Voice

Did you record your deceased loved one at some point? Do you have their voicemail message saved? Have they been recorded in a video saying a poem, reading a story, or just talking? If so, consider investing in a professional audio conversion to have these words or memory preserved forever.

By doing this, you can feel confident that you will always have their voice and this specific memory of your loved one. The recording can be done in several formats, ensuring it meets anyone’s unique needs.

2. Create a Memory Pillow

A memory pillow is a creative way for you to preserve the memory of someone you love using their clothes. While it may be difficult for you to go through your deceased loved one’s clothing once they are gone; however, transforming these items into a keepsake pillow is going to make it much less daunting and more meaningful.

A memory pillow also makes a great gift to other people in the family who are grieving because of the loss. You don’t have to throw out or donate all of the person’s clothing. Why not recycle some of the items, especially the ones they wore most often, into a beautiful and long-lasting keepsake pillow. There are even online videos and instructions you can use to make this process a bit easier.

Preserve the Memory of Your Loved One

3. Plant a Tree

When you plant a seed, you have the perfect way to symbolize the ongoing cycle of life and death. It also gives you the opportunity to visit the tree to see how it is growing as the seasons and years pass. Similar to how seedlings grow and become stronger and much more resilient to the harsh elements as time passes, so will your ability to deal with the challenges and obstacles you will face in life.

Also, if you plant a tree nearby, it is a great environmentally beneficial tradition that will also preserve the memory of your loved one. Consider what could be done on a natural level if each person asked for a single tree to be planted in their memory. Each year in the U.S. alone over 2.6 million people die. That would be 2.6 million trees put into the ground every single year. That is the equivalent of 3,581 acres of woods and forest each year. Just think about the huge impact this could have regarding long-term sustainability for the environment.

You can even opt to have a tree planted over your loved one’s grave if desired. While this is still a relatively new service, it is one that is growing traction across the country.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you can memorialize the life of your loved one and ensure you never forget the memories you shared.

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