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Pre-Wedding Party Ideas for the Perfect Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party shouldn't be stressful. However, many people find it difficult to come up with an idea for this event. The following suggestions are a great starting point. 

Plan a Card Night

Countless men love to play poker. Once they get married and have kids, they might find it more difficult to get away for poker night. Give them the opportunity for a night with the guys and the opportunity to win money by doing a poker night bachelor party. 

Plan a full menu with appetizers, steaks, finger foods, and lots of alcohol. Everyone will have a great time and the groom could go home with extra money for the honeymoon.

When it comes to bachelor party ideas, this is one of the easiest to set up. Many men already have regular poker nights. This will be similar to those nights, with lots of added items to make it special. 

Movie Night

A movie night doesn't sound like a fun bachelor party, but it can be. Pick one of the groom's favorite movies and choose a word or phrase from that movie. Every time one of the characters says the selected word or phrase, everyone takes a drink. 

Another option is to pick a character from the movie. Every time that character appears on the screen, everyone drinks. It could also be a certain action in the movie, such as each time a car blows up, everyone drinks. 

Book a Fishing Cruise

Who says a bachelor party has to only last one night? Make a weekend of it. Book a fishing charter and take the party out to catch some big-mouth bass, salmon, or trout.

Be sure to have plenty of great food on hand, ample sleeping accommodations, and great company. This is an excellent way to have a stress-free weekend of sun and fun before the big day, and it is a trip that everyone will remember fondly for years to come. 

Road Trip 

For those who prefer to stay on dry land, a road trip is the perfect bachelor party. Choose something that interests the groom and plan the trip around that. For example, a man who loves football would probably love a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Make a weekend of the trip and plan plenty of other fun activities. Go bar hopping or visit various football stadiums on the way to and from the Hall of Fame. The key lies in choosing something that interests the groom, so they have a great time at this party designed to celebrate them. 

Hire a Party Bus

Party the entire night and allow everyone to take part in the fun by hiring a party bus. The driver takes the group anywhere they wish to go, within reason, and there is entertainment on the bus between stops. The itinerary can be planned ahead of time and the group can decide where to go on the big night. Either way, everyone is sure to enjoy this adventure. 

Try a New Activity

Who says a bachelor party must be held at night? Make a day of it and spend time at the race track learning how to drive like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Head out to the desert and enjoy an afternoon on dune buggies, or venture out onto the water with rented jet skis. Pick something the groom has never done but has always wanted to try. The day will be memorable for all the right reasons. 

The focus of this event should be on the participants. Regardless of what activity is planned, it is a night to celebrate the groom. Remember this and the event will be a huge success. 

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