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This One Simple Communication Skill
Could Save Your Relationship

By Clinton Power

I attended a week-long silent retreat recently and learned a wonderful mindfulness communication skill that could benefit all couples. What I just love about this technique is the simplicity of the process. Wherever you are in your relationship, whether you’re at the beginning and experiencing romantic love, or perhaps you’ve been together a long time and the intimacy and lust has faded, this simple technique can help you start to connect deeply with yourself and your partner. Here are the steps:

Firstly, sit opposite your partner so you are looking each other directly in the eyes. (It doesn’t have to be done with your partner. You can also use this with a friend, family member or work colleague.)

Maintain eye contact as you speak.

You can both do this at the same time, but choose one person to speak and one person to listen.

The person listening will not respond while the other is speaking. But the listener will continue to track their own thoughts, feelings and sensations as they also pause, relax and open to the other.

  1. Pause
    Stop everything and pause. Just literally tell yourself ‘pause’ in this exact moment. Don’t do or think or say anything else.
  2. Relax
    Relax into your body. Feel yourself letting go and dropping down into yourself. Feel the pleasure of releasing.
  3. Open
    Open your heart to the other. Feel your spine that holds you up and allows you to open to receive. Feel yourself spreading across your chest as you open.
  4. Listen Deeply
    Listen into the depths of your being. Listen to your heart. Be open to listening to your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Be open to all information.
  5. Speak Your Truth
    Now speak your truth. Support your voice in sharing what you heard deep within yourself. Feel the fear and say it anyway. Take a risk. Hold onto yourself as you speak up to be heard.

Once you have said everything you need to say, then change roles and have your partner go through the same process as you listen.

This communication technique is attributed to Gregory Kramer, author of Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom. Clinton Power is a relationship counsellor and Gestalt therapist with over a decade of experience helping individuals and couples move out of relationship pain and create great relationships. Get Clinton's free Report: 10 Tips for Moving Out of Relationship Pain, by clicking here.
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