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Am I a Polysexual or Pansexual?
Common FAQs Answered

Polysexual or Pansexual?

Human sexuality is a beautiful and exciting part of being a part of this world.

After all, it's nature's way of giving us a way to connect on an extremely intimate level. When you feel attracted to another person, the effects are both emotional and physical and are too powerful to deny.

And yet sexuality can also be confusing when you feel deeply attracted to more than one person at a time. If you aren't clear on the differences between polysexual vs pansexual, you've come to the right place for answers. Some people are already very confident in their sexuality, flying their polysexual or pansexual flags, but this is something that can take time! This article takes a look at things you should know so that you can gain a better understanding of yourself and those around you.

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Sexual Diversity

It's no secret that in the last few decades, the world has slowly become more accepting of sexuality that falls outside of straight couples. This is a great thing that is making society a better place.

After all, it's important to be able to love anyone you choose. Sexual diversity adds color to the world, enabling every individual to be their true authentic selves. And the more we understand about ourselves and each other, the more acceptance and tolerance will be empowered to grow and flourish.

Now, let's take a closer look at the types of sexuality so that you can see which group you feel you most identify with.


Let's start with the definition of monosexual. This simply a person who is attracted to only one gender. It can actually apply to anyone, including straight, gay, and lesbian people.


The category of sexual identification is queer. This is basically an umbrella term used to identify members of the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, a tremendous number of people identify as queer.

It can even include polysexual people or any combination such as individuals who identify as both queer and bisexual.


Bisexual is a term that can actually be a bit confusing. Why? Well, because not all bisexuals are attracted to the same type of people.

For example, you might identify as bisexual yet are attracted to people belonging to two or more genders. Or you might be attracted to your own gender as well as other genders. You may like istanbul travesti modeller as well so please check it.

Keep in mind that you could be a man who is attracted to other men and nonbinary people and still consider yourself bisexual.


Now let's discuss the definition of polysexual. This is a term used to describe people who are attracted to more than one gender and can actually include both bisexuals and pansexuals. It also refers to a desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner at one time, with the full knowledge of everyone involved.


This type of sexuality is basically an attraction to any other person regardless of gender.

It's important to keep in mind that pansexuality typically isn't categorized as bisexuality. Because while some people might identify as both pansexual and bisexual, the vast majority of pansexuals identify solely as pansexual and thus actually find the implication of bisexuality to be offensive.

Read on here to learn about the pansexual flag.

A Guide to the Differences Between Polysexual vs Pansexual

Exploring your personal sexuality can be thrilling and satisfying. Fortunately, this guide to polysexual vs pansexual will help you have a better grasp of exactly where you fit in.

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