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Why You Need To Be A Game Changer
to Save Your Relationship

By Aradhna Pandey

Is your relationship going downhill? Well, it’s not easy sharing your life with another person. And there can be hard times. Once the honeymoon phase is over, reality dawns on you. While it's quite normal to have disagreements in any relationship, sometimes, things can get a bit too complex and cause suffering. I remember when our relationship went through tough times, we almost broke up. The turning point was when I took charge and decided to save our relationship. Instead of waiting for your partner to take charge and turn things around, you can try to save your relationship. Keep reading to understand how you can do so.

What A Relationship Is All About

When things aren’t going well, you start fighting often, and that’s only the start of an unhealthy relationship. If you think the relationship has a future, it’s about time you try to fix things. Relationships require hard work, and it all comes down to compromise, trust, and understanding. It's not about being independent; you need to be a team player, think as one, and cooperate with each other. Realizing that both of you are different can stop the issues that lead to fights. When you develop understanding, you feel more strongly connected to each other. So, take the initiative, and you will see how things will start becoming different for both of you.

1. Start Things Afresh

It's easy to be romantic when the relationship is fresh and new. But as time goes by, the sparks of romance just fade away. So, by bringing in an element of romance, you could potentially change things. Go on a date or suggest a romantic day out with your significant other. Remember your earlier dates when you two would spend a lot of time being engrossed in each other rather than the phone? Rekindle that connection again, and there will be more desire and affection in the relationship. What can be better than a romantic date or hugs and kisses from your loved one after a long - tiring day at work?

2. Apologize and Accept Each Other

Do you think competing with your loved one is necessary? Instead of extending a fight, try to work things out. Accept it when you are wrong and keep your apologies genuine. You cannot blame the fight on only one person; it takes two to tango. The sooner you solve your issues and accept that your opinions can be different, the lesser time it takes to make things right. By understanding each other's rights and wrongs, you grow as a couple together. If you try to justify yourself or complain all the time, you will only end up making matters worse. Forgive each other and come clean about what was said that was hurtful.

3. Understand and Be There During the Bad Moments

We all have bad moments in our lives during which our partner could be frustrated and not in the right frame of mind. Do not bring up delicate issues or stress the situation further. Try not to make this about you and wait until things settle down. By understanding the situation and acting accordingly, you can make it easier for both. Instead, if you choose to be critical and insensitive during crappy times, there might be unnecessary differences that crop up between the two of you. Give your partner space when needed, and eventually, everything will settle down.

4. Honor Your Relationship with A Second Chance

Maybe your partner has given up, but that does not mean that you should do so, too. It would only imply that you don't value the relationship. No matter how difficult it may be, don’t let it go so easily. When you give it another chance, things might work out better this time. Honor every part of the relationship – the fights, the love, the disagreements, everything. No matter what mood or emotion you may be going through, consider that even your partner might be going through the same. And on that note, he deserves another chance.

5. Re-evaluate the Reasons You are Together

When things begin to go downhill, it's time to revaluate why you got together in the first place. Put aside the doubts and questions and just go back to the beginning. Communicate with your partner and discuss what the qualities that brought you both closer together were. When you revaluate the reasons, it justifies why you are together; it strengthens your foundation. Be open to criticism and discuss with your partner what they love and don’t love about you. Every relationship goes into a downward spiral, but that is not the time to call it quits and leave, it’s when you look back and work on it.

These are just a few tips to save your relationship. If you think your partner is not making an effort, it's about time you step in and stop things from crumbling. Put your ego aside and be responsible. If you ever have any doubts, think about why you got together in the first place, and things will just make sense again. Every relationship needs our earnest effort and compliance with our partner’s needs. To save your relationship you need to work on your mindset and try your best to make it work. These useful tips can work wonders to save an unbreakable loving bond.

Author Bio:
Aradhana Pandey is a writer from India. She covers topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle. She has more than 150+ publications from reputable sites like to her credit. Aradhana writes to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress-free lifestyle.
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