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Can a Person Be an Outgoing Introvert?

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Most of us are used to thinking that the whole world is divided into clear boundaries. According to this opinion, people can be either completely bad or extremely good, and the temperament of a person is clearly divided into two categories as well.

However, our world does not have a clear division into white and black, into bad and good. Our world is a mixture of colors, and it is possible to meet real monsters in the most beautiful places. The same is with a human character, it cannot be clearly divided into two categories, with a specific set of features. However, despite this, an outgoing introvert sounds like something impossible. Today we will analyze the factors that indicate this type of personality and find out whether it is possible.

Outgoing Introvert: Reality or Fiction?

How often do you think about your personality type? Did you try to determine who you really are? There are many tests and techniques that allow you to define it online. But is it effective? Is it possible for several answers to understand the whole truth about oneself? After all, our behavior most often depends on our mood, on how much we are ready to contact people for a given period of time. For the most part, in order to find out about the personality type you need to read sociological articles and studies. This can give us an idea of who we are, but do not forget that we are multifaceted and changeable.

Outgoing introverts are one of the proofs of how different we can be, and that even the smallest details should always be taken into account. Meet some factors that will help to understand a little bit about outgoing introverts...

Communication Gives a Strength, Only If You Can Adjust Its Quantity

One of the most popular myths is the belief that introverts do not need to communicate at all. Conversations and a pleasant company are a great way to cheer up introverts. However, the volume of this communication should be dosed. Outgoing introverts really regain their emotional strength in moments when they are alone. One day at home, in comfortable pajamas and alone with own thoughts, is equivalent to recharging a mobile phone. This is a necessary measure so that they can “function” in society further.

Telephone Talks Make You Nervous

Regardless of whether it is an incoming call or an outgoing call for outgoing introverts, it is akin to a cataclysm. And no matter who calls, best friend or stranger, the reaction of introverts is the same. The reason for this attitude to calls may lie in the absence of eye contact or simply the tangibility of the interlocutor. Therefore, if a phone call makes you feel cold in your soul, even if you see the name of your best friend, whom you love immeasurably, then you are an outgoing introvert.

You Like Interesting Conversations Even in an Unfamiliar Company

Introverts are often described as very shy and taciturn, especially in new companies. But, outgoing introverts adore this environment. An important condition to be comfortable for them is a truly fascinating conversation. They do not like to participate in the discussion of domestic worries, however, they will gladly share their discoveries. “I recently discovered the excellent service The Word Point. It gave me the opportunity to finish my documents many times faster, thanks to the accurate and quick translation of information.” Such conversations will cause genuine interest and force them to take an active part in the conversation.

Being in the Center of Attention, But Only When There Is Something to Say

Perhaps for most introverts getting into the spotlight is a huge stress. However, for outgoing introverts, this situation is quite acceptable and even pleasant. The main condition that must be observed in this situation is when a person has something to say or when they want to draw public attention to things that are truly interesting and fascinating for introverts.

Unexpected Satisfaction with Cancellation of Plans

Despite the fact that all meetings where outgoing introverts take part are comfortable, really interesting and expected, in case of cancellation of an appointment, introverts will not experience disappointment. At such moments, most often, they experience baseless satisfaction that a couple of hours of free time have appeared and it can be spent for themselves.

They Like to Leave the Meetings One of the First

Visiting noisy parties in the company of close friends is a normal practice for outgoing introverts. However, it should not be expected that they will remain at the party until the very end. After spending a couple of hours in the company, and seeing all the fun moments, the introverts will leave the party, saying goodbye to close friends or just ending their stay there with a joke.

Summing Up

Despite the categories of characters and personalities, we are all unique. And each person cannot fully correspond to one selected group. There are always several aspects that influence human behavior. Outgoing introverts are ready to become an excellent conversationalist and friend, but it is necessary to take into account the features of his/her inner world. However, this advice is relevant regarding every person in this world.

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