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What Is the Operating Principle of Pairing Agencies?

It is not easy to meet a decent person who, like you, wants to settle down and start a family. If dating with friends’ friends has not brought results, going to the club is tiring, and online dating is disappointing, you can decide to take a drastic step and put your fate in the hands of professionals. At reviews you can check out the reviews and be sure that everything will be just the way you want it!

Basically, all marriage agencies fall into three types:

  • Traditional "for everyone" agencies with huge client bases, psychological tests, and photo albums where they will set you up on dates with a few eligible candidates;
  • Agency "not for everyone", creating the illusion of a chance meeting with a potential life partner;
  • Agencies that host dating parties with elements of games or speed dating.

Who uses the services of marriage agencies?

The main mass of agencies' clients are women from 30 years old who were busy with their career while others were flirting, dating, getting married and having children, and men from 30 years old as well. Mostly they are divided into two types: workaholics and businessmen who have no time to look for a life partner; or people who are tired of complexity, mercantilism and psychological instability of the weaker sex.

The ratio of men to women in most agencies is 40 to 60 percent. Experts say it is easier for women to come to such organizations. "For a man to go to the agency and admit that he himself has not succeeded in finding someone - a complete feat."

At the same time, women are looking for established, mature, socially successful men. On the other hand men like quiet, gentle, understanding companions.

In short, clients often have to prepare for dating first, explaining what a relationship is, how to behave, how to get rid of old wounds and believe in happiness, and only then can they be allowed out. That's why decent agencies usually employ psychologists or therapists.

Most firms will offer you two types of services:

  • Access to a database of candidates, where you can view client profiles and ask for their phone numbers;
  • Individual partner search with specialist consultations, preparation and meetings.
  •  How a traditional marriage agency works

In a decent agency, they will check your documents, ask you about the reasons for applying, ask you to take psychological tests and clearly identify who you are looking for. Not everyone will sign a cooperation agreement. The married, the mentally unhealthy, the wealth-seeking, and the unprepared to work on themselves are likely to fail the test.

If the first stage is passed successfully, an agreement is made with the client. In this case no one gives a hundred percent guarantee of a marriage. The agency only undertakes to provide within a specified period (usually two to six months) a sufficient number of suitable candidates. Somewhere prescribed their exact number, somewhere not.

From there begins the most interesting part: finding partners and dating. Potential future spouses are shown photographs and told about each other's lives. If everything suits them, the man is given the girl's phone number, and he makes an appointment. Often clients are offered to have several meetings with candidates and choose the right one. It is stipulated that the initial meeting is not a date yet. You talk to each other, compare goals, discuss pitfalls - something like a groom and bride interview with a probationary period. After the meeting, clients call the mentors back and share their impressions.

If all went well and the couple formed, customers have the option to use the services of the agency during the contract. You can, for example, come to a consultation with a psychologist and get advice on creating a relationship. Or ask to find a new couple if the relationship fell apart quickly.

 Some agencies act differently, for example, create profiles of clients on dating sites and correspond on their behalf with other users. Or they make fake accounts, invite a date with a known unsuitable candidate, and then lure them to their place and offer to sign a contract to find someone more decent. You can come across money-grubbing women, or mentally inadequate people.

Remember some simple rules:

  • Before contacting the agency, study the reviews of its work on the Internet
  • Be sure to ask for documents confirming the legal status of the organization;
  • Most decent agencies will offer you a free initial consultation;
  • Be sure to keep receipts confirming payment for services. This can help you if the case comes to court.
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